Tuesday, October 27, 2009

On the move...

Things are busy in our neck of the woods. I find that the bad part about blogging is that I start worrying if I haven't posted for awhile... which is silly because I do this for myself and my family but I still feel weird if weeks go by and I don't update. So, here's an update.

Brother had another field trip - this time to a pumpkin farm. Daddy went along on that one and they had a blast. I love this picture of him because he is so stinkin' cute - even though it is right before a much need hair trim.

Brother also went with Daddy on a guys camping trip. They went with another father/son team and had a blast. Here are the two five year old fire starters. Many of you probably recognize Brother's friend.

In other news; we've sold our house (fingers crossed, closing in a couple weeks) and are moving to a little rental house closer to the kids' schools ("kids" being Brother, Little Bitty and my husband). This will free up some time because we spend a lot of that on the road - and will also be one less thing we have to stress over when my super-smart-PhD-getting husband finishes school and we most likely move.

One of the most exciting parts of moving to this new-to-us house is that one of my sisters and her family are moving from 5 hours away - to a house right down the street! It is a weird coincidence and we are all very excited.

Her daughter is about the same age as Little Bitty - so that part will be awesome. And her son is an adorable 4 month old that I want to just eat up every time I see him (see the picture? Little Bitty loves to hold and help care for him). That part will be awesome too. The strong possibility that right as we get used to this new life together down the street from each other we will have to move to a different state? Not quite so awesome. But, we'll enjoy it now and pretend like we're on a nine month vacation together.

And - Mighty Boy will get to have a fenced in back yard. Whhoooohooo Mighty Boooo!

He looks like he'll enjoy it, no?

Everything is going well. The kids are happy about the move - although we've had to create a new holiday called "Unpackmas" where they will get to unpack all their toys. This helps them not whine too much as their toy selections are slowly dwindling. Little Bitty also asked one day how they would actually move our house. Just when you think they're understanding it all... you realize that they're three.

This is all I can handle as far as updating right now. Cause I have boxes to pack, work to do, leases to sign and a shower to take.