Tuesday, February 26, 2008

10 reasons that I think my son is awesome

    There are many things that Brother does to crack me up and make me love him more each day. These are just ten of them.
  1. He changes his mind often and unselfconsciously. "I want my rubber frog to be named Diamond. Actually, his name isn't Diamond. Actually, it is. No wait...it's not."

  2. He calls himself an "everything expert". And he's four.

  3. He sang along to Flo Rida (is that two words?) with me the other day.

  4. He waits about 7 or 8 seconds from the time we tuck him in bed until he comes out to give us a hug and say hi. And to say he just can't go to sleep.

  5. Movies that he's seen twenty times still scare him - as if the 21st time the bad guy might win.

  6. He told Daddy that Miss Holly is his favorite teacher. Why? Because she teaches him things he didn't already know.

  7. He refers to all his rubber animals as simply "rubbers". As in - "Hey Ethan and Miles - do you want to see all my rubbers?" or (in Publix) "Hey Mommy - let's go to the Rubber aisle!"

  8. He celebrates wholeheartedly when his sister learns to do new things (like jumping). Also, he wants to marry her.

  9. When I sing too loud with the radio (like to Flo Rida)- he asks me politely to "just lip sing" instead of saying the words out loud.

  10. See this video. Future "Nashville Star" maybe?

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Three random questions...

* The spell-check function is not working on blogger for some reason. So, I take no responsibility for the misspellings in this post. ;)

A couple days ago I started noticing that I was having tons of blog hits from around the world. I took my little map off because it freaked me out. A question for you more sophisticated bloggers...why is this happening? Is it because I linked to a video on you.tube? Because I linked to feedit (or whatever that's called)? I'd like to think that my witty writing is just sweeping the world, but I'm quite certain that's not it... I don't think my humor translates so well in Eastern Europe. I even got some sort of spam comment for some spyware. grrrr.


Did any of you get to discuss bull semen and cattle embryos last night at dinner? No? We did. Relatives from southern Indiana are priceless. In all seriousness - we had a wonderful visit with an uncle we hadn't seen for a long time last night and I love the fact that he - out of no obligation - called and went out of his way to see us and have dinner on a long road trip. Best of luck to my beautiful cousin at her dance competition in Florida.


I recently read an article in a parenting magazine that described "mommy bloggers" as something along the lines as narcisistic procrastinators (the procrastination being all the other things they should be doing besides blogging about their boring kids). Does anyone want to actually step up and agree with this? I do this blog because I like to have a little outlet to write and to document the sweetness of my family at this age. I don't do scrapbooking - this is the next best thing for me. The article left me a little irritated.

Monday, February 18, 2008

Picture Post

Practicing for when Brother gets his motorcycle
Brother and Little Bitty sharing a moment with their great-grandmother

Brother sporting some Harry-Potteresque glasses

Little Bitty making sure all the rubber lizards, snakes and dinosaurs are comfortable in their stroller. Note the baby discarded under the table.

I love this. Yes, two minutes (or twenty seconds) later Little Bitty probably fell off the chair, or Brother probably got mad that his balloon string he was drawing didn't look quite right - but for this instant - they were both totally content and concentrating on their drawing - together.

Monday, February 11, 2008

Family, food and fun

I once complained about a co-worker who would rehash all the boring details of her weekend to me each Monday (if you're a previous co-worker of mine reading this - no, it wasn't you). My husband suggested that instead of asking her, "How was your weekend?" I should say, "So, what did you do that was interesting this weekend?" Good advice. So in the spirit of practicing what my husband preaches, here is a recap of the interesting parts of our weekend. In no particular order;

1) The kids and I had a great visit with a lot of my family in Alabama this weekend while Daddy was off conferencing in New Orleans. Having family relatively close (this is new to us) is definitely cool.

2) I think I was partly responsible for pushing a McD's employee to his limit - causing him to throw his little drive-through headset, grab his car keys, shout "I quit" to his co-workers, walk out the door, and peel out in his Camaro (or was it a Transam?). Now, when I say I was partly responsible, I did nothing inappropriate or overtly rude... I think I was just that straw (the straw that waited 20 minutes for her food and was then charged the wrong amount and given the wrong food) that broke the camels back. I do have to say though, if you've never seen someone walk out mid-shift from their job, it is strangely satisfying and fulfilled some fantasies I've had for myself at work. I kind of wanted to stand up and cheer for the guy...think Dorothy from Jerry McGuire, "I'll go with you!"

3) We had a family outing of bowling this weekend. First time for Brother and Little Bitty. In keeping true to form - I lost. Even to Brother and Little Bitty. How is that even possible?! Well, I'll tell you how - they have these cool ramps and bumpers for little kids to use when they are bowling. And, I had a major "crick" in my neck. Plus, their father is a good bowler... so it may be in at least one of their genetic make-ups. So, obviously, it really wasn't a fair match.

Wednesday, February 6, 2008

On Politics and Pets

If you like Obama - you've probably already seen this. But, I'm sharing it for anyone who hasn't. I love it.


And - if you like pets - but can't have one for whatever reason (like maybe you actually don't like pets, but rather just the idea of pets for your kids) - check out Little Bitty's pet. She loves to take this thing for walks and yesterday even insisted on her caterpillar coming with us to pick Brother up from school. AND - he holds five weebles... what dog can do that?!

Friday, February 1, 2008

Bucket Head

I once muttered a somewhat creative obscenity at a reckless driver while my sponge-like son was in the back seat. He laughed and started repeating what he thought I said, "Yeah, you bucket-head". I was very relieved that he had either misheard or mispronounced and "bucket head" has now hung around as a name to call a bad driver. Nice, I know.

WELL, imagine my surprise when I was in Big Lots today (I know, why do I do that to myself?!) and in walks a real-life bucket head. The man had on overalls, a hoodie sweatshirt of some type, and a bucket on his head. Not a plastic bucket (as if that would somehow be better). No, this man chose an orange metal bucket to wear on his head. Handle securely tucked under his chin. He did not appear to be suffering from any type of disability that might nessecitate one wearing a bucket on their head (is there such condition?) And it wasn't raining at the time. I had the urge to follow him around the store to see what he was buying, but really - which is weirder... wearing a bucket on your head or following someone who wears a bucket on their head??