Saturday, July 24, 2010

Summer Chronicles of My Big Boy

This has been Brother's first summer as a school-age kid - which has meant that we've entered the era of summer camps and finding things to keep him busy. Things that don't include the TV.

He attended Basketball Camp. I hope it was more exciting than this picture suggests. He did seem to enjoy it - although - he was beginning to come down with something (missed one day due to fever).

Here he is a couple nights later in the ER at 2:30am. When your Big Boy wakes up saying he's having trouble breathing - you just take him to the ER no questions asked. It was Strep. He's has a tendency towards reactive airway disease and after a HUGE shot of penicillin and some albuterol - all was well.

This, in fact, is a short 48 hours later or so four states away in Pennsylvania enjoying the Country with Little Bitty. They spend hours searching for salamanders and other creatures in this creek.

My Big Boy even learned to ride a dirt bike by himself. I have to add...this is something that I'm quite sure I have said he would NEVER do with my permission. Someone once told me to never say "My kid will never..." because you'll always prove yourself wrong. And she was right.
We camped out. Brother is becoming very skilled at all things camping. He has a great teacher (Daddy - not me). Little Bitty is not too shabby either.
Speaking of Little Bitty, she taught us all a new and improved way of enjoying a pinata. You cut a hole in the top and carry it around, inviting everyone to reach in and grab a handful. This is a much preferred version to the old-fashioned bashing with a stick - which is both dangerous and sad when your beautiful pinata gets broken.
After the Strep recovery and trip to the Country for the 4th of July. Brother and Little Bitty headed to Alabama for horse camp. This was (I think) the favorite camp so far. I haven't mentioned Art Camp and Spanish Camp because I don't have any fun pictures of those. And - true - this picture of horse camp doesn't do it justice but the kids LOVED it and we'll definitely try to do this again next year. Brother didn't even freak when this horse tried to eat his hair right before I snapped this photo.
The afternoons after horse camp were spent at my sister's house where Brother surprised me with his bigness yet again and started jumping off the diving board and swimming the length of the pool all by himself. He's awesome.
We're rounding out the summer with Brother's first loose tooth. FINALLY (he's been hoping for one for about a year now). He also just had his first sleep-over. It was at our house...but still...sniff sniff - my little dude is getting so big. I wouldn't have it any other way though. I love him and he's making us proud. Good job, Brother!