Thursday, November 19, 2009

Excuses, excuses

Yikes. I think I'm having blogging anxiety. It's been so long that now I feel like I have to have something really interesting to write about - because what else could have kept me from posting anything for almost a month? The more I think about it the longer I wait to post. So - I'll just write something.

We are moved...and mostly settled. There is a budget redo of our kitchen coming on - and some work on the bedrooms that needs to be done, but all in all our little home is looking quite homey. We're LOVING the location. Like never-want-to-move love. Although, if past predicts future - I'll get an itch and think moving sounds fun again at some point.

Brother is doing great in kindergarten. The school is pretty awesome. There is parental support and family participation to a point that is almost annoying time consuming, but adds to the value of the school. He seems to have very nice friends and his progress reports have been great. He's developing a love of writing (taking after his Daddy) and it is very cool to see him get excited about knowing how to read and write. He also has a special interest in one little girl in the class - and the other girls all seem to do silly awkward things when they see him to get his attention. I'm afraid it may be another way he takes after his daddy.

Little Bitty is living up to the reputation that is given to three year old girls. Oh. My. Goodness. I am thankful for the Internet because I know from reading other mother's of three year olds blogs and Facebook posts that I'm not alone in having a little tyrant of a daughter but...Oh. My. Goodness. The crying, whining, insistence on everything being her way, and the bossiness can only be outdone by her suddenly loving and sweet, beautiful nature. She's a snuggle lovey like her brother and cracks us up every day. That is when we're not hiding in the corner scared of what she'll do next. Lately one of our biggest struggles has been getting her out the door to "school" each day. Brother used to complain that he didn't want to go at this age too - but Little Bitty has taken it to a new level with excuses every morning and night of why we should "keep her home". Some recent ones off the top of my head;
  • My throat is feeling silly.
  • I'm freezing cold and need to just stay home with a Popsicle.
  • Only one leg can go to school today. The other leg is too tired.
  • I think I have a lily pad in my throat. There was a frog and it moved down to my belly.
  • My pinkie finger is not feeling good.
  • I washed my hands and now my sleeve is soaking wet. You better call the school - I can't go today.

I'm not kidding with those. It's funny - yet exhausting. Last week she actually had a rough night coughing etc. and woke up with a fever and CHEERED when I read the thermometer. Then she took a look at my sleep deprived self and said, "I think you need to keep your hair at home too! It looks funny." My sweet angel.