Saturday, January 30, 2010


Well - no better time than today to start blogging again. Even though my blogs have been on hiatus, we haven't. We've been moving full-steam ahead in all areas. Here is a brief run down on everyone:

  • He's reading and writing a lot. He wrote a story last week called "The Legend of Monkey Mansion". It was about a group of monkeys who go to war and the good guys win, and then they party. In fact, they don't just party - they "PARTAY" (one of my favorite lines). At the end - they decide to sit in a field and meditate instead. It's good, right?
  • He's learning to tell time on a clock with hands (as opposed to just reading digital clocks) but he can only do it in Spanish (he goes to a Spanish Immersion school). I love this.
  • His hair is still long.
  • We just finished a Star Wars room for him. Pictures soon.
  • He's got lots of nice friends from school.
  • He loves tigers, beanie babies, playing Wii (thank you Grammy and Nonno), imaginative play, Star Wars, and mostly being together as a family.

Little Bitty

  • She's been delightful the past few weeks. Agreeable, sweet and consciously works to use her good manners. I mention this because it's weird. ;)
  • She did cut her bangs off a couple weeks ago. Off. I mention this because it looks weird. ;)
  • She may not grow up to be an engineer - but she'd be great at it. She can work a whole puzzle quicker than her very bright 6 year old brother. She asks great, intuitive questions. And she can work the Wii, TV and DVD player like nobodies business.
  • She loves playing with her cousin Audrey (who is now right down the street. Whoohoo.).
  • At school - she's more quiet than at home and plays with lots of different kids - not just one special friend as you start seeing at this age - but she does LOVE Walter.
  • She eats like a hungry wolf... if a wolf were to eat mainly fruits, eggs and yogurt.
I could list what's going on in Blake and my worlds...but - it's just not nearly as cute nor interesting as the kids. It still involves dissertating and system analyzing - zzzzzzzzz.
In more exciting news - we got our first REAL snow in the years that we've been here in middle TN. Yeehaw. Our kids aren't really accustomed to this - but we did get them out there this morning to enjoy it for awhile. I came in to load a couple pictures and decided I'd finally update here. We're without a camera... (Again. How many cameras does a normal family go through in a year? I'm not sure if we're irresponsible or just cheap.) these are from my phone. Enjoy and I hope this is the beginning of a good blog run for 2010!