Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Sunday, December 23, 2007

Last minute shopping and holiday cards

Yesterday we headed to a big superstore to finish up some shopping (you know the one... starts with a W, ends with mart). Considering this is the last weekend before Christmas - what could make this trip just a little more bearable? I know - dress like a cowboy! That is exactly what brother decided when he appeared ready to go after we told him he had to go get dressed. The outfit started out normal enough; long sleeve sky blue t-shirt, red warm-up pants with grey stripes (ok - not a great combo - but not horrible), but then... cowboy boots, leather-fringed vest, and cowboy hat. Of course - no one at the store blinked. He fit right in.
I think most of our Christmas cards have gone out - so here are a couple shots that made the card. If you haven't received yours... I most likely don't have your address or else I just tracked it down and it was mailed on Friday. My laptop crashed and I lost all of my addresses a few months ago. Or - perhaps I have never had your address - just email me and I'll send you a card. ;)

Friday, December 14, 2007


Overheard last night as Brother got dressed after his bath:

Brother: No, no [Little Bitty] - you can't touch that. That's my penis. You don't have a penis. You have a DIVINEJULA (said very slowly and carefully as if making sure she got the correct pronunciation).
We have made an effort to teach Brother the correct names for things, including body parts. However, I didn't correct him on this. 1) I think his word for it is rather nice. 2) I don't think I'm ready to hear him repeat the actual word for it.

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Ah, December is here...

I wish I could post pictures of our children today (our camera is on the fritz)... they are both in jammies for the second (or is it third) day straight. They are sick with fevers, coughs, runny noses, vomiting here and there, and some scoots (my euphemism for a different bodily function). It is not pretty around our house. For some reason the nights are much worse. Why is that? Daytime comes and it would be nice if they would hunker down on the couch and watch movies. But, instead they muster the energy to want to be superheroes (Brother) and clean out cabinets (Little Bitty). Then night comes and they are again listless little hotboxes with an occasional coughing spasm or puke. Bless their hearts.

In other news, we are busy preparing for Christmas. We took our annual "Walk Through Bethlehem" this weekend which is a very cool production that a local church does here one day each December. It is very elaborate and an amazing amount of work for one day. We all look forward to it and Brother has learned a lot about Christmas (ok, so have I) from this event. However, I'm not sure he completely understands yet. I have a feeling that he thinks Bethlehem is located on the corner of Hillsboro and Woodmont. I also have a feeling that one of the other "travelers" is the source of this nasty virus in our house. I'm tired of always blaming it on daycare - I'm going to blame this one on Bethlehem.

Finally, is it wrong that Brother keeps talking about what he's "ordering" from Santa? Yes, I think it is. We are definitely working on the concept of the Season of Giving, which I think he actually understands. But his 4 year old self can't help himself when he starts thinking about what he wants Santa to bring. Yes, the list does include rubber lizards.