Sunday, March 30, 2008

Easter Morning

When my children are clean and dressed in something other than just a diaper or an oddly inappropriate costume for the time - they are just the cutest stinkin' things in the whole world. Don't you think?

Thursday, March 27, 2008

A Day of "ish"

Grammy, Zia, my two sisters and I took Brother, Little Bitty and their four cousins to Sea World a couple weeks ago. Despite losing one of my nephews for a short time, we had a blast and Little Bitty spent the day exclaiming "Ish! Ish!" (fish). My camera, as I've lamented before, is constantly on the blink but we did capture some good moments - especially during the Shamu show.
My beautiful little sister and her beautiful daughter
Brother, Mommy and Little Bitty
Brother and two of his cousins
Big Ish
Grammy and Zia showing Little Bitty the penguins (or some other indoor sea animal)
Zia, Little Bitty and Brother hiding in an ice tunnel
Little Bitty taking the Ish show very seriously for a moment

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

We're Back

The only thing worse than dropping your child off at daycare and having her cry because she doesn't want to stay there without you - is picking your child up at daycare and having her cry because she doesn't want to come home with you.

File under "Joys of parenthood".

Friday, March 21, 2008

A quick post...

We've had a busy - and, let's face it, not very good couple of weeks. We did enjoy a wonderful weekend with our Florida family (and lots of Indiana/Alabama family) which included Sea World with the kids and all my neices and nephews. That part was great and I will post some pics. As soon as I can come up for air.

Unfortunately, we return to Florida today for the funeral of my husband's grandmother. This is our second loss of a grandparent in less than two weeks. Grandma Jackley is the mother of Brother and Little Bitty's Grammy. We will miss her and I know this is a super hard time for Grammy. Prayers for her.

So - I am going to continue my non-blogging for another few days while we travel again (this time in a rental car because there were no flights and I managed to have an accident with our family truckster the one day I was at home last week). Good Times.

Wednesday, March 12, 2008


Brother, Little Bitty and I lost our first grandparent this week. We have all been in Alabama the past few days grieving with my grandmother and mother and celebrating the life of "Mac", my 91 year old grandpa.

I have a bad habit of over analyzing and questioning the validity of my feelings about things... and in this situation have felt a little unjustified (?) for feeling so sad about the passing of a man who lived a long, happy life and was no longer in a physical condition that allowed him to be comfortable and enjoy life. However, the fact that my grandma has just lost her best friend and husband of 67 years (!) and my mom (an only child) had to say goodbye to her dad forever, does make me very, very sad. Also - my 92 year old grandmother has now outlived virtually all her friends and family. As much as we all probably hope to live to be in our nineties - it must be hard to live through the death of so many loved ones.

She attended the funeral on a "pass" from the rehab center where she is recovering from a broken hip sustained from a fall while visiting grandpa in the hospital last week. When it rains, it pours - and it's pouring on my mom and grandma right now. Prayers for them as they mourn the loss and for my grandma to recover and be strong - she's 92, but I would not be surprised if we all see her picture and name on one of the "Smuckers" labels and have Willard Scott wishing her Happy 100th on the Today Show in several years.

Here are Little Bitty and me enjoying a dinner out with Grandma and Grandpa this past summer. Little kids always made Grandpa smile.

Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Back at the Bat Cave...

I'm out of town on a work trip. Daddy is holding down the fort (or cave) at home. This picture came from him via email last night confirming that all is well and normal in their world. I just love my husband and batty little kids.