Wednesday, March 12, 2008


Brother, Little Bitty and I lost our first grandparent this week. We have all been in Alabama the past few days grieving with my grandmother and mother and celebrating the life of "Mac", my 91 year old grandpa.

I have a bad habit of over analyzing and questioning the validity of my feelings about things... and in this situation have felt a little unjustified (?) for feeling so sad about the passing of a man who lived a long, happy life and was no longer in a physical condition that allowed him to be comfortable and enjoy life. However, the fact that my grandma has just lost her best friend and husband of 67 years (!) and my mom (an only child) had to say goodbye to her dad forever, does make me very, very sad. Also - my 92 year old grandmother has now outlived virtually all her friends and family. As much as we all probably hope to live to be in our nineties - it must be hard to live through the death of so many loved ones.

She attended the funeral on a "pass" from the rehab center where she is recovering from a broken hip sustained from a fall while visiting grandpa in the hospital last week. When it rains, it pours - and it's pouring on my mom and grandma right now. Prayers for them as they mourn the loss and for my grandma to recover and be strong - she's 92, but I would not be surprised if we all see her picture and name on one of the "Smuckers" labels and have Willard Scott wishing her Happy 100th on the Today Show in several years.

Here are Little Bitty and me enjoying a dinner out with Grandma and Grandpa this past summer. Little kids always made Grandpa smile.


Tricia said...

Melany, I am so sorry about your loss. Your Grandpa sounds like he was a WONDERFUL man!

Thoughts & prayers coming at ya!

TNKerry said...

I am so sorry for you. (and also for your mom am=nd grandma) I can't imagine 67 years!!! That is just amazing :)
The loss of a loved one is sad no matter the age.

carla said...

Im so sorry (and here I was stalking you) as well.


Trace said...

Melany, I'm so sorry.