Thursday, November 19, 2009

Excuses, excuses

Yikes. I think I'm having blogging anxiety. It's been so long that now I feel like I have to have something really interesting to write about - because what else could have kept me from posting anything for almost a month? The more I think about it the longer I wait to post. So - I'll just write something.

We are moved...and mostly settled. There is a budget redo of our kitchen coming on - and some work on the bedrooms that needs to be done, but all in all our little home is looking quite homey. We're LOVING the location. Like never-want-to-move love. Although, if past predicts future - I'll get an itch and think moving sounds fun again at some point.

Brother is doing great in kindergarten. The school is pretty awesome. There is parental support and family participation to a point that is almost annoying time consuming, but adds to the value of the school. He seems to have very nice friends and his progress reports have been great. He's developing a love of writing (taking after his Daddy) and it is very cool to see him get excited about knowing how to read and write. He also has a special interest in one little girl in the class - and the other girls all seem to do silly awkward things when they see him to get his attention. I'm afraid it may be another way he takes after his daddy.

Little Bitty is living up to the reputation that is given to three year old girls. Oh. My. Goodness. I am thankful for the Internet because I know from reading other mother's of three year olds blogs and Facebook posts that I'm not alone in having a little tyrant of a daughter but...Oh. My. Goodness. The crying, whining, insistence on everything being her way, and the bossiness can only be outdone by her suddenly loving and sweet, beautiful nature. She's a snuggle lovey like her brother and cracks us up every day. That is when we're not hiding in the corner scared of what she'll do next. Lately one of our biggest struggles has been getting her out the door to "school" each day. Brother used to complain that he didn't want to go at this age too - but Little Bitty has taken it to a new level with excuses every morning and night of why we should "keep her home". Some recent ones off the top of my head;
  • My throat is feeling silly.
  • I'm freezing cold and need to just stay home with a Popsicle.
  • Only one leg can go to school today. The other leg is too tired.
  • I think I have a lily pad in my throat. There was a frog and it moved down to my belly.
  • My pinkie finger is not feeling good.
  • I washed my hands and now my sleeve is soaking wet. You better call the school - I can't go today.

I'm not kidding with those. It's funny - yet exhausting. Last week she actually had a rough night coughing etc. and woke up with a fever and CHEERED when I read the thermometer. Then she took a look at my sleep deprived self and said, "I think you need to keep your hair at home too! It looks funny." My sweet angel.

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

On the move...

Things are busy in our neck of the woods. I find that the bad part about blogging is that I start worrying if I haven't posted for awhile... which is silly because I do this for myself and my family but I still feel weird if weeks go by and I don't update. So, here's an update.

Brother had another field trip - this time to a pumpkin farm. Daddy went along on that one and they had a blast. I love this picture of him because he is so stinkin' cute - even though it is right before a much need hair trim.

Brother also went with Daddy on a guys camping trip. They went with another father/son team and had a blast. Here are the two five year old fire starters. Many of you probably recognize Brother's friend.

In other news; we've sold our house (fingers crossed, closing in a couple weeks) and are moving to a little rental house closer to the kids' schools ("kids" being Brother, Little Bitty and my husband). This will free up some time because we spend a lot of that on the road - and will also be one less thing we have to stress over when my super-smart-PhD-getting husband finishes school and we most likely move.

One of the most exciting parts of moving to this new-to-us house is that one of my sisters and her family are moving from 5 hours away - to a house right down the street! It is a weird coincidence and we are all very excited.

Her daughter is about the same age as Little Bitty - so that part will be awesome. And her son is an adorable 4 month old that I want to just eat up every time I see him (see the picture? Little Bitty loves to hold and help care for him). That part will be awesome too. The strong possibility that right as we get used to this new life together down the street from each other we will have to move to a different state? Not quite so awesome. But, we'll enjoy it now and pretend like we're on a nine month vacation together.

And - Mighty Boy will get to have a fenced in back yard. Whhoooohooo Mighty Boooo!

He looks like he'll enjoy it, no?

Everything is going well. The kids are happy about the move - although we've had to create a new holiday called "Unpackmas" where they will get to unpack all their toys. This helps them not whine too much as their toy selections are slowly dwindling. Little Bitty also asked one day how they would actually move our house. Just when you think they're understanding it all... you realize that they're three.

This is all I can handle as far as updating right now. Cause I have boxes to pack, work to do, leases to sign and a shower to take.

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

That explains his Spanish accent

Little Bitty just introduced me to Mighty Boy (which she does from time to time... as if we'd forget we have a 15 lb. furry tornado in our house). However, this introduction was a little more detailed.

LB - "Mommy, this is Mighty Boy. He's my dog."

Me - "Hi, Mighty Boy."

LB - "Mommy, do you know where my dog was born?"

Me - "Where?"

LB - "In a doggy Guatemala."

Is that not precious?!

The Field Trip

Soooo - the apple orchard field trip. All in all... a fun morning. This is a self-taken picture of Brother and Me on the way to the apple orchard. How do I know it's on the way there? 1) My hair isn't yet plastered to my face from the rain and humidity and 2) Brother is sitting with me - I have not yet been banished to a seat by myself so that he can sit between two friends and behind a cute girl in the class.

This is "Farmer Nick".

Farmer Nick was our tour guide. Farmer Nick had a script of stuff to say knew a lot about the apple orchard. Enough to bore 40 kindergartners within about 5 minutes. The tour went like this:

Farmer Nick: What do you think this is?

Kids: A TREE!!!!

Farmer Nick: Yeah... but here in the tree? See these things hanging? What are they?


Farmer Nick: Yeah, but I'm talking about the apples. Do you see the apples?


Farmer Nick: Whooaa, wait, no picking yet. Let's move on. Do you see this Bee Hive? What do you think we keep in there?


Farmer Nick: Do you know how many are in one Bee Hive?


Farmer Nick: Well...actually more like sixty thousand. Isn't that a lot?


Farmer Nick: Ok, let's move on. Do you know what this is? It's a ladder. What do you think we use it for?


Farmer Nick: Yes, you there - thank you for raising your hand. What do we use the ladder for?


Farmer Nick: Ok, well, now we're talking about the ladder. What do we use it for? No... wait... no one can climb the ladder. I'm just showing you... ooh, get down, no, we can't climb it. Ok, Let's move on.


And so it went. There were many laughs from the parents who, probably like me, wondered who Farmer Nick's usual audience was - because it would seem he wasn't used to kindergartners. He also wasn't used to a teacher speaking to her students in Spanish and at one pointed commented on how she was "speakin' Mexican". Good times, good times.

Here's Brother eyeing me thinking, "Really? Do these kids not know what this ladder is for?It's an apple orchard for G*d's sake!"

Here's Brother smiling when I think Farmer Nick told them we that they would now get to pick an apple. What he didn't tell them was that they would each spend about 2o minutes picking out the perfect apple that didn't have any rotten spots or holes in it and was just high enough that they could barely reach it and they would be so proud and sure theirs was the best... and then they would be instructed to drop it in a bucket on the way into the barn, never to see it again. Ah well. They each got a sip of apple cider and an apple slice in the barn. And all was good.
I realized on this field trip that the point of field trips is to get the kids out and about and perhaps expose them to something new. It doesn't have to be extremely interesting or entertaining. Riding the bus is enough fun to make it worth it to them. Also - I should say that this opinion on field trips is specific to me... so you have to take it with a grain of salt. I also get bored at museums and my legs start falling asleep upon entrance be it the Nature Center at Edwin Warner Park or The Louvre in Paris. I know some people love this stuff. ;) But I DO love my little dude and I hope I get to go on ten thousand billion infinity more of these field trips with him.

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Good to the last drop

What's even better than getting to be the mother to the world's most beautiful little girl??

That's right... having that beautiful little girl love to make you coffee every morning!

In other news - I'm off on my first field trip as a parent today. We're headed to an apple orchard in the rain. The rain doesn't bother me too much - I'm just excited that Brother is at the age where he wants his mommy to come along. My only hope is that they don't put me in charge of any other kids. There is a reason I'm not a teacher anymore. ;)

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

The hard work pays off...

I love it that he set a goal and stuck to it (something that I sometimes have a problem with)... look at my little guy. He IS Anakin Skywalker.

Monday, September 14, 2009

A Sense of Humor

I think the game began on a long car ride with the four of us. True, it won't make it into any parenting magazines - but I imagine plenty of other families with young children have played the same game. It's called "How many different ways of saying 'vomit' can we think of?" Brother came up with quite a few good ones - and also had an original entry... "throwing the bologna". We laughed and thought that was the winner of our list.

Fast forward a few weeks and during one hectic morning before school and our crazyass spirited puppy (how long are they considered a puppy?) had an accident on the floor. Ugghh. And then he ate it. I know - way too much information and not necessarily the type of stuff good blogs are made of. But, this is my life. Anyway - after doing this, Mighty Boy proceeded to gobble up his, um, deposit... I think to not get in trouble (because why the heck else would anyone do this?!) Well, that was a bad idea - because as most beings with any sort of brain could tell you - that will probably make you sick. Which it did. All over the living room floor. So - as we are now about 5 minutes late getting out the door, I'm scrambling to clean up the latest mess while the kids look on in amusement. However, the more Little Bitty looks at it - the more her gag reflexes start kicking in. And she thinks that is funny. "Brother, watch this!", she'd scream and then look at the mess and gag and dry heave. "Honey, stop it..." I'm warning. Too late. On about the fourth round of looking, gagging, repeating, Little Bitty also loses her breakfast. All over the living room floor. We were late to school.

Fast forward another several days, Little Bitty is laughing as she remembers the episode and tells her Daddy about it:

"Daddy, remember yesterday [anything in the past is yesterday for Little Bitty] Mighty Boy and I both throwed the bologna!"

"Yes," says Daddy, laughing at her use of the appropriate euphemism.

"Daddy, you know what that Bologna said?"

"What?" asked Daddy - looking at me like 'where is this going?'

"I believe I can flyyyyy!", she sang out before laughing hysterically.

Ahhh, our Little Bitty. She's got it. That keen sense of humor that our family loves. Good job, sweetie. Mommy is proud and I have now documented the whole twisted series of events leading up to your first real funny.

* A side note to Little Bitty - sometimes Uncle Pete will try to be funnier than you - but you remember - you're your mommy's daughter and WE'RE the funny ones.

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Little Bitty goes to a Party

Here is a picture of Little Bitty heading off to her classmate's birthday party. She knew that a party was occasion to break out the cowboy hat. I mean -it's either that or a monkey suit, right? She also packed her backpack/lunchbox for the party. She packed a book and some markers (I guess in case the party was a bore she'd have something to do?)

She was the only little girl there without a dress on. She pretty much refuses to wear dresses right now. But - we pick our battles. Glasses? Non-negotiable... dresses? We don't force it. Don't you love the smile? She's at that phase that when you ask her to smile it comes out as some weird, pained expression. She's beautiful anyway.

Friday, August 28, 2009

Last hurrahs before school started

Wow. Being a grown up is exhausting.

The kids are adjusting to the new routine. Little Bitty is psyched about going to her first "build a bear" birthday party of a classmate tomorrow. Brother is playing in his second soccer game of the season. Daddy is the coach and their team, the Iguanas, is awesome. Mostly just because my son and husband are so cute out there on the field.

Daddy took the kids on a last hurrah to a nearby nature center museum the week before school started. We also did a family zoo trip. We got some cute pictures which I've been a little slack in posting. So - here is a myriad of pictures to enjoy.

Apparently Brother loved this gear board and played for a long time arranging them so that they would all move.

Fire fighters in training.

At the zoo. I'll refrain from making a horny joke about my husband.

Our Little Bitty on the carousel.

Hoping through the pond at the nature center museum.

Friday, August 21, 2009

All is well with Team T.

It's interesting how life keeps happening and you can't spend too long worrying about one thing because something else will come along and changes circumstances somehow. All you can do is keep going and doing the best you can. And being thankful every step of the way. My husband may read this and snicker thinking that it sounds way more healthy and adjusted than I actually am.

As I was stewing and hurting for Brother about starting kindergarten at a school where he didn't know anyone we got a phone call that a spot had opened at a magnet school that we had applied for near his old preschool (where Little Bitty still goes). SO - we had a big decision to make on Wednesday. They gave us three hours to accept the spot or not. I grabbed Brother out of his third day of school at his new school to go visit the new new school. This is a Spanish Immersion public school that fills via lottery.

I am so proud of our little guy. I could tell he was hesitant to consider changing schools again, but I also was so impressed that he didn't get overwhelmed or panicked at the possibility. He was very quiet but took it all in as we visited, his eyes lit up as he saw some of his old friends from preschool, his ears perked up a bit as he listened to teachers conversing in Spanish, and I think when the librarian introduced him to her pet frog - he was sold. I think my husband and I both were hoping he would embrace the idea of changing to this new school. It's really a fantastic opportunity - but I stayed objective and tried to talk through the pros and cons and I acknowledged that the timing was frustrating because he was just starting to get used to his new class.

As we drove away from the school I told him we would have to decide soon but that we could go home and talk it over with Daddy. He replied that he was ok and thinking about it and would make a decision soon. About five minutes later he announced that he was going to the new school and would be learning to speak Spanish. His first day was yesterday and I don't think I'm imagining things when I say I feel like I got my little guy back. After seeing him be a little less than himself for the past week or so, he was so enthusiastic and talkative last night. We went to an ice cream social at his new school last night and he ran and played with both new friends and old. He jumped out of bed this morning and was dressed before he came downstairs. He was doing fine at the other school - he really was - but this feels different. And I am happy, happy.

Little Bitty is also doing GREAT in her new class. She is wearing her glasses all day. No kids have teased her or shunned her as she feared. And we had an exciting surprise yesterday when she got two new friends in her class - twins adopted from Guatemala! That makes FOUR Guatemalan born kids in her class of 16. How cool is that?! Her only issue in her new class is that she loves the centers so much (specifically the dollhouse center) that she doesn't want to stop to go to the bathroom. She has dirtied her britches two out of four days this week - and the girl is 100% potty trained, this doesn't usually happen. Ah well. We all transition in different ways. And really - I'm glad that it's her showing her adjusting by pooping her pants and not me. I'll stick to eating snickers and not sleeping well.

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Only because I have to let them grow up.

Monday was another first day! First day of Pre-K 1 for Little Bitty. The preschool they have both attended is set up much like an elementary school in that the whole class moves up each August into the next grade level. So, this means that Little Bitty just moved from the 2A class up to Pre-K! We are all very excited for her - and she is excited for herself. There was no nervousness or tears from her yesterday. Just a lot of big smiles. She was most excited that this class has a dollhouse center. She was planning all weekend to start the day off there. Thank goodness it worked out that way. Or I would have had to lure one of the other kids OUT of the dollhouse center to make room for my daughter. She also got invited to her first birthday party yesterday. She's attended several with Brother, but this is one that she's actually invited to - at BuildaBear - whoohoo.

Here she is on her first day of Pre-K!

Yesterday she missed school because we had a follow up eye appointment as a result of a questionable vision test result at her three year appointment. A note here about trusting your "mommy instinct"... the nurses performing the test were going to blow it off as her "losing interest" in the game of naming the pictures they were holding up. But knowing my daughter as I do - I knew that she was acting embarrassed and frustrated. Suddenly little signs that I had dismissed all added up and I knew that she was having some trouble seeing. Our pediatrician suggested a great opthamologist (spell check is wanting to change this to something that I am pretty sure is someone who studies bugs - so I'm leaving it) who works with many children and she was diagnosed with an astigmatism in one eye that needs to be corrected. So - here is our BIG GIRL in her BIG GIRL glasses!

I'm not going to lie - there is some bribing going on to leave these on for most of the day. A new remote control puppy dog from Target is involved. I think she likes them alright... but she did ask me last night what she should tell kids that ask her "why is she wearing those glasses?" and asked what to do if they didn't want to be her friend anymore. UUUGGHHH. It hurts my heart so bad. Between that and Brother telling me that he didn't have any friends to play with at recess just about drives me to start designing that bubble that I'm going to put them in at some point to keep them from EVER getting hurt.

Friday, August 14, 2009

First Day of School! First Day of School!

All over the country kids are attending their first day of school this time of year.

But this is MY kid.

And I know that he has to go off and become more grown up and independent. I want this for him. I pray for this for him. I am completely thankful that he has this opportunity. And he is excited. And his teacher seems awesome ~ the perfect person to love and teach him when he is there. She has a frog theme - and Brother is into polliwogs right now - so that's cool.

And there were no tears shed. By him.
But - that doesn't mean it doesn't hurt my heart a little bit. Cause it does.
Bye, Buddy. See you in a few hours.

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Little Bitty the sports fanatic

"Mommy, my guys and I are up here watching the Predators game."

"Do you know who is winning?... The Red Sox."

Ok, mixing sports but still - here is where her Nonno's heart swells with pride.

"Do you know who is losing?... The Yankees."

"Mommy. Take a picture of me with my guys watching the Predators game."

And I did:

Monday, August 3, 2009

File under: It's Funny Every Time

My husband's best friend from college owns a monkey suit. No... not a tuxedo, as he has to explain to people, an actual monkey suit. I don't entirely know or remember the origin of the suit. I think it was for a costume party and when he saw the cost to rent vs. buy he decided to buy, because - really - it just makes good financial sense. The monkey suit has gotten a lot of wear. We don't live near them - so I haven't gotten to see him in it as much as I'd like - but I was in attendance at one New Year's party when he came out mingling as a monkey shortly before midnight. That's the best time to don a monkey suit. When it will be a surprise, get noticed and is strangely inappropriate for the occasion.

Little Bitty has only met this friend once. However, they share a special bond. Little Bitty owns a monkey suit. Hers is a hand-me-down from Brother. Brother has had MANY costumes. He is a costume lover. Little Bitty? Not so much. In fact, she's usually rather averse to donning a costume. However, there's something about a monkey suit. And she gets it. She totally gets the point of the monkey suit. It is best worn when it will be a surprise, get noticed and is strangely inappropriate for the occasion. For example, an hour past bedtime, when your parents have threatened dire consequences if you don't immediately put on your pajamas and brush your teeth, when your mom is chasing the dog who is out of his ever-loving mind and is yelling to you something along the lines of "Child - for the love of ALL THINGS - if you don't go get ready for bed I am going to lose my shit mind!" This, people, is the PERFECT time to go to your room, quietly change into the monkey suit, and then stroll back to your parents and wait for the reaction. Do it proudly, confidently and with a huge smile. PERFECT.

I LOVE our children.
Edited: The Monkey Friend sent a picture. Here he is with his offspring.

Thursday, July 30, 2009

The Best of the Country 2009

My blogging both here and on my crafty blog has been slow lately. It has been a conscious choice because something had to give for a week or two while I got re-focused on the job that pays the bills - but I haven't given it up. Just a short summer vacation I suppose. I'm also trying to wrap my head around the fact that my baby boy is starting Kindergarten in two weeks. Two weeks. It's another one of those things that I never understood why people got emotional over ~ until it has suddenly become my turn to send my sweet, innocent, lovely, first-born child off to some institution where he'll be learning who knows what and ... what if someone is mean to him?! Ahhhhh! Deep breaths. I'm sure it will be fine. It's not like I don't want him to go and have fun - he's excited about it - I just am feeling a little emotional about it. The funny thing is that he's been in daycare since he was 12 weeks old. So... you'd think that this would be no big deal. But for some reason it does feel like a big deal. And I'm glad.

In other news, we had our annual trip to rural Pennsylvania the week after 4th of July. So - this is a recap in photos. Since the visit, we've had a new birth on that side of the family. Baby Luke arrived shortly after our stay in the country. So - next year you can expect tons of toddler cuteness in these photos. We had a blast, as usual. We also spent a long weekend in 'Bama last week. I will try to finagle some pictures of that from one of my siblings. I took none. I never do when we're with my side of the family. I don't know what that's all about.

Little Bitty loved playing with the dogs. Big dogs.
Brother flying on my feet. Made for a cool pic.

Love her. So much.

A sweet moment between Daddy and Daughter. If you look closely, you can see he has a flower tucked behind his ear.

Brother's favorite thing to do was catch crawdads and salamanders in the creek.
Love him. So much.
Two of a kind. The men of Team T.
Ok - there are supposed to be more pictures here. However, Blogspot sometimes gives up after awhile. I'll just save it for tomorrow. I'm going to watch Burn Notice. And - C in TX? I think you should give it another shot. This show is AWESOME. ;)

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Because you shouldn't neglect your teeth...

Overheard as the kids and Daddy watched President Obama throw out the opening pitch of the MLB All-Star Game last night...

Brother: You know how much I love Barack Obama?

Daddy: How much?

Brother: More than my teeth.

Pause. Thinking.

Brother: Well... maybe not more than my teeth.

Daddy: That's good. It's important to love your teeth a lot.

Little Bitty: Daddy! You know what I love even more than I love you?

Daddy: What?!

Little Bitty: My teeth.

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Little Bitty is Three Years Old.

We've had 4th of July, Little Bitty's birthday and a trip to The Country since I've last posted on this blog. The 4th was really a non-event as far as celebrating our country's Independence Day goes - but we had a great little family celebration for our now three year old daughter. Our Little Bitty. Our crazy, dramatic, sweet, hilarious second child.

She got a big girl bike for her birthday. And my husband called it - it took her about thirty minutes to get the hang of it. She, of course, has training wheels - but she transitioned very quickly from the tricycle to the big girl bike and is very proud riding along. At one point she peddled down the sidewalk shouting, "Watch out. Here comes a three year old!" Here are a few pictures from her birthday.
A tea party later in the day with a new tea set.
After opening the gifts, she very coyly asked "Will you sing to me now?" So we did. Both then and later with cake. The day and party was kind of fragmented and nontraditional as far as a birthday party goes - but we had a blast just the four of us. We are now enjoying spending time with family and I'll post those pictures soon. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Every year on certain days I reflect a little on our lives and our children and how it's all come about. Birthdays - of course - are a big day for this type of reflection. With Little Bitty it is a little different than with Brother... because when I think about the day she was born, the 4th of July, I remember that I was floating in a pond on an inner tube drinking a beer (classy. I know.) I had no idea that my daughter had been born a little after midnight that morning. I found out 5 days later. And because of this - I know - beyond any doubt - that giving birth is not what makes you a parent. It's some stronger force that brings a child to their family. Of course, we filled out the paper work, fuund an agency, put all the steps in motion to bring a child into our home through adoption... but it was a miracle, some stronger force that found our Little Bitty for us. It can't be coincidence that this child was "picked" for our family. It seems cliche when I write it but I know anyone with a child through adoption will say the same thing. And that is further evidence of the miracle of adoption. It starts with the one true miracle that we witness everyday - a pregnancy - and then takes it to a whole different level when the child of that pregnancy finds their family, whether it be down the street, across state lines - or even across multiple international borders. Somehow you find each other and the love and connection is as powerful as that when connected by genetics. I'm protective of my daughter in a different way than I am my son. I know that she'll have questions and face situations that I have never experienced. With Brother I can see some of his tendencies that come from me or his daddy and I feel a little prepared to help guide him and talk him through certain anxieties he may face. But with Little Bitty I sometimes want to freeze her little three year old self - her confidence, her sassiness, her self-assurance that makes her so comfortable and happy - and have her never ever have to face the tougher questions and circumstances. Since I can't do that - I just continue to love her, listen to her, share with her, guide her and celebrate with her the miracle that brought her home to her family. Through this, we'll continue her growth into this beautiful and special child that is first and foremost part of Team T. She has my whole heart. All of our hearts. She's perfect and we love her. It's only been three years - and yet - it's ALREADY been three years. Let the adventure continue! We're ready.

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

The girl knows how to party

ME: [Little Bitty], I was thinking about making jello and whipped cream for your class instead of cupcakes. What do you think?

LB: No. Just Whipped Cream.

ME: Well, whipped cream isn't really made to go by itself. We need something with it.

LB: Oh - I have a good idea... whipped cream and cheese.

ME: Oooh. I don't think that would taste too good.

LB: Ok. Then....Whipped Cream and Ham!

Her classmates are in for a treat.

Monday, June 29, 2009

Back again

So - I had to travel for business last week, returned home and then Team T promptly went our separate ways for the weekend. Brother and Daddy headed to Atlanta for the Braves/Red Sox game, Little Bitty and I headed to Indy to see the new addition to the family. Baby G is absolutely precious. He is tiny and sweet and all the kids (his sister and four cousins were there) took turns holding him. Little Bitty LOVED him and says she misses him. Good thing she had Mighty Boy to dote on. ;)

Multi-generational Red Sox Fan Photo

I wish I had a cute picture of Little Bitty with her new cousin - but I don't. I took some with my phone and they didn't get saved. I'm such a heal.

Anyway, this will be another busy week - Little Bitty turns 3 on Saturday! I've got shopping and planning to do! Ideas for gifts? I'm listening.

Friday, June 19, 2009

The humor in everyday happenings

It's been a funny week... especially if you think puppies chewing up new Blackberry Curves is funny. Which I don't. I do think kids drawing on mustaches, beards, and chest hair (on themselves - not on me) with a Sharpie is funny. For me, the funniest part was when I told Brother (who really RARELY does anything naughty) that Sharpies were permanent - the expression on his face went from joy over his little unapproved body art to confusion then alarm. I didn't let him panic for long - I told him I was sure we could get it off somehow. It actually came off pretty easily with baby wipes and then some scrubbing by Daddy. Thanks to my Facebook friends for suggestions and sharing in my amusement.

Other things I have found amusement in this week:

  • The kids are very PC in their discipline of Mighty Boy. They remind me constantly that he is not a "bad puppy" he just makes some "bad choices". Seriously, who have they been hanging out with?! ;)

  • Brother and Little Bitty had a big argument this morning over whether or not Brother looked awesome. Brother thought he looked awesome even without his pants on. Little Bitty said he DIDN'T look awesome because he wasn't dressed yet.

  • Brother helped Little Bitty learn to put her head under water in the bathtub. He helped her put on goggles, held her nose for her, and then pushed her face under and held it there by the back of her head for a few seconds. As she came up sputtering he told her "Good job. You did great!" She was all smiles and so proud. A fly on the wall would have definitely thought that Brother was trying to drown her - but it was actually a very sweet brother/sister moment.

  • Little Bitty has discovered secrets. She comes and whispers in my ear (usually something completely unintelligible) and then gives me a sidelong look and says, very seriously, "DON'T tell anyone." Believe me baby, I couldn't if I tried.

Gearing up for Father's Day this weekend. Brother has some big ideas. He is such a sweet kid - both of them are - they love family time and it is my wish that we can somehow maintain that as a constant through the years. Team T rocks!

Friday, June 12, 2009

I have a new nephew!

My little sister and her awesome husband welcomed a new little guy into the world yesterday evening. He is perfect and healthy and they are all doing great. Baby boy has a beautiful big sister (3 1/2) and he is one lucky little fellow to be born to this family. So happy for all of them!

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

More swingin'

And here she goes - full steam ahead
The GrabNot so graceful - but she does it

He holds on for dear life - but loves every minute of it


Saturday, June 6, 2009

Afternoon Alligator Crafts

Michael's had these little wooden alligators (or are they crocodiles?) and paint for $1/set. They also have snakes... I'll be going back to get them because these were a huge hit. And the activity actually lasted a little more than the 2.3 minutes that some planned activities do. Little Bitty had every bit as much paint on her shirt as she did her alligator - but really, whose fault is that? I should have made her some sort of smock, right? I know. I don't know at what point I'll start thinking like an experienced mom. I guess not after almost 6 years. But a paint covered shirt, table, face, is completely worth it for the few minutes of creativeness and joy that the two of them had doing it.