Monday, August 3, 2009

File under: It's Funny Every Time

My husband's best friend from college owns a monkey suit. No... not a tuxedo, as he has to explain to people, an actual monkey suit. I don't entirely know or remember the origin of the suit. I think it was for a costume party and when he saw the cost to rent vs. buy he decided to buy, because - really - it just makes good financial sense. The monkey suit has gotten a lot of wear. We don't live near them - so I haven't gotten to see him in it as much as I'd like - but I was in attendance at one New Year's party when he came out mingling as a monkey shortly before midnight. That's the best time to don a monkey suit. When it will be a surprise, get noticed and is strangely inappropriate for the occasion.

Little Bitty has only met this friend once. However, they share a special bond. Little Bitty owns a monkey suit. Hers is a hand-me-down from Brother. Brother has had MANY costumes. He is a costume lover. Little Bitty? Not so much. In fact, she's usually rather averse to donning a costume. However, there's something about a monkey suit. And she gets it. She totally gets the point of the monkey suit. It is best worn when it will be a surprise, get noticed and is strangely inappropriate for the occasion. For example, an hour past bedtime, when your parents have threatened dire consequences if you don't immediately put on your pajamas and brush your teeth, when your mom is chasing the dog who is out of his ever-loving mind and is yelling to you something along the lines of "Child - for the love of ALL THINGS - if you don't go get ready for bed I am going to lose my shit mind!" This, people, is the PERFECT time to go to your room, quietly change into the monkey suit, and then stroll back to your parents and wait for the reaction. Do it proudly, confidently and with a huge smile. PERFECT.

I LOVE our children.
Edited: The Monkey Friend sent a picture. Here he is with his offspring.


Anonymous said...

Are you SURE she is not blood related to her Nonno? Classic move Bitty! Way to go!! (grammies can say that)

Anonymous said...

Blake just alerted me to this wonderful tribute. I am sending you pics right now.

(Ask Blake what "monkey" means in Panama City.)


brenna said...

This made me laugh so hard!

Anonymous said...

I can see her right now.....and then your reaction.... TOOOOO FUNNY!!!!


Heather said...

It's all about timing...