Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Only because I have to let them grow up.

Monday was another first day! First day of Pre-K 1 for Little Bitty. The preschool they have both attended is set up much like an elementary school in that the whole class moves up each August into the next grade level. So, this means that Little Bitty just moved from the 2A class up to Pre-K! We are all very excited for her - and she is excited for herself. There was no nervousness or tears from her yesterday. Just a lot of big smiles. She was most excited that this class has a dollhouse center. She was planning all weekend to start the day off there. Thank goodness it worked out that way. Or I would have had to lure one of the other kids OUT of the dollhouse center to make room for my daughter. She also got invited to her first birthday party yesterday. She's attended several with Brother, but this is one that she's actually invited to - at BuildaBear - whoohoo.

Here she is on her first day of Pre-K!

Yesterday she missed school because we had a follow up eye appointment as a result of a questionable vision test result at her three year appointment. A note here about trusting your "mommy instinct"... the nurses performing the test were going to blow it off as her "losing interest" in the game of naming the pictures they were holding up. But knowing my daughter as I do - I knew that she was acting embarrassed and frustrated. Suddenly little signs that I had dismissed all added up and I knew that she was having some trouble seeing. Our pediatrician suggested a great opthamologist (spell check is wanting to change this to something that I am pretty sure is someone who studies bugs - so I'm leaving it) who works with many children and she was diagnosed with an astigmatism in one eye that needs to be corrected. So - here is our BIG GIRL in her BIG GIRL glasses!

I'm not going to lie - there is some bribing going on to leave these on for most of the day. A new remote control puppy dog from Target is involved. I think she likes them alright... but she did ask me last night what she should tell kids that ask her "why is she wearing those glasses?" and asked what to do if they didn't want to be her friend anymore. UUUGGHHH. It hurts my heart so bad. Between that and Brother telling me that he didn't have any friends to play with at recess just about drives me to start designing that bubble that I'm going to put them in at some point to keep them from EVER getting hurt.


Anonymous said...

Ah, the memories. Just keep trusting you mother's insticts!! Glasses make it possible for her to see things others can't and brother is so loveable you know he will have a friend today!! My heart hurts for you - been there, done that.
Love you!!! Grammy

Anonymous said...

Oh my goodness...well if LB isn't the most adorable 3 year old with glasses ever! My heart is hurting for all of you, but we all know that they are the best, most loveable kids and will not have any problems making friends. I have no doubt that LB will tell those kids that she's adorable and they should want to be her friend!
Love them SO much, Zia

Anonymous said...

Oh, and tell Brother to take two of his favorite transformers to school to play with on the playground. Bet someone will take notice and want to play. Just don't let him sell one for a dollar (ask his father)

Mother Goose said...

I LOVE LB's glasses. Nothing is closer to my heart than a kid in glasses. She is now ultra chic and even cuter than she was before if that's possible.

Can I stick my kid in your bubble too?


Cindy said...

I need one of those bubbles too.