Friday, March 27, 2009


There's also Cosmo - Brother just said that he thinks he is "the perfect dog for us". It's the blue eyes. He looks JUST like my husband's side of the family.
The kids' silent auction at their preschool is tonight. Last year we came home with Sea Monkeys. Did you all realize sea monkeys live quite. a. while? Which is fine. It just surprised me.
This year - I'm wanting a puppy! I know - I talk myself out of it every time I think about it. But - looook:

To be clear, they aren't going to be at the Silent Auction. They are both rescue dogs available for adoption. The first one is a spitz mix and is closer and cheaper. But - the second one is a poodle yorkie mix and doesn't shed and would fit in my purse - which is something I never knew I wanted until I saw her.
By psychoanalyzing myself I realize that my pet craving is really just probably because Little Bitty is now the age Brother was when she was born and it's probably that mommy instinct/biological clock thing kicking in. And I know that more kids aren't in our future - so one of these seems like a good alternative, right?! Right? Hello?
Or - some more sea monkeys.

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Cut the grapes.

Last night was one of my scariest moments as a parent. Little Bitty choked on a grape. A stupid whole grape that I should have cut up but didn't because she eats anything and everything and I was hurrying to make dinner and I didn't think I needed to do it.

Thankfully my husband and I both had the basic first aid training of how to help a choking child. This wasn't a struggle-a-little and then cough it up type of choke. She had panic in her eyes, was trying desperately to gag and get it up but couldn't and was turning blue. I tried multiple times -turning her upside down and giving her blows to the back and it didn't work. I handed her over to Daddy who went through 3 (I think) rounds of turning her over and hitting her back multiple times. The last ones that finally worked were so hard that I thought she would be black and blue (she's not) or have a broken bone. A whole grape finally popped out of her airway. Thank God. I shook for hours - it is amazing how things just happen so fast and you have to just react.

Our pediatrician's nurse once told me the accidents usually happen because people get too comfortable with something and forget or just don't take the precautions necessary (she mentioned four-wheeling - which we don't really do). But, think about it - we would never think that because we've driven our toddler around for 2 years and never had a car accident that they don't need a car seat anymore, right?! So why would I think that because Little Bitty's been eating grapes for two years and not choked that I don't need to cut them anymore? I'm not really beating myself up - I'm just extremely thankful that my husband was strong and calm and did what had to be done and that my beautiful daughter is fine. And I wanted to share as a reminder. And I will be cutting all grapes with a food processor until they each head to college.

Saturday, March 21, 2009

Just a Few Weekend Ramblings

Not sure how the weekend is starting out. The babysitter for our anniversary dinner may be sick.

Brother is updating me on Backugan battles non-stop "Hydronoid beat Preyus - watch. Watch. Watch. Watch...Watch."

Little Bitty for some reason only wants me to use my hand to speak to her like a puppet. She calls my hand"guy". "HEY GUY! COME HERE! GUY!... NO! Not you Mommy - I want GUY to talk to me." I wish GUY could take conference calls for me during the week. Maybe my co-workers would, like Little Bitty, be more responsive to Guy than they are me.

Our washing machine is broken. At least I won't be doing laundry all weekend. But the repair cost is looking to be a lot.

I'm actually in a good mood - just some pesty (or is it pesky? I never know) small things going on. But, the weather is going to be great. I LOVE spring.

Thursday, March 19, 2009

A post about the weather. And running.

It's a rainy but not cold day here today. We are all so ready for spring - Brother even praised the rain this morning saying that it would help the flowers grow. This winter has seemed long even though we know we're lucky and haven't suffered through snow storms or icy roads. I just get tired of the gray after a while and LONG for warmness and sunshine. Every time we talk about where we'll move after our stint here - the talk turns to weather at some point and we are drawn to warm or at least sunny states.

Another benefit of the warmer weather is that it is so much easier to get myself out the door for daily or at least consistent runs. I really do love running - I just love to do it when it's fun to be outside. My husband and I have somewhat tentative plans to run a 1/2 marathon at the end of April - but unless this weather cooperates and gets us out there a little more often to train, we're going to be walking part of that 1/2 marathon. However, I do have an awesome friend/motivator who is coming to town to also do the 1/2 marathon, so that helps me as well and I am optimistic that I will somehow pull it off. Today I actually got to run with my husband at the park - which is awesome - and a great way to spend an hour in the afternoon. One of the many benefits of working from home.

It has taken me from morning until after dinner to finish this post - and now I have little dirty birdies that need a bath before bed. We're gearing up for a fun weekend which will include some outside play, a movie night with the kids and then a dinner and movie sans kids to celebrate seven years of an amazing marriage. More on that soon.

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

My Two Lil' Leprechauns

I adore these two. My little Italian-Guatemalan Leprechauns.

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

My kids, my parenting, etc.

We spent a lot of last weekend in the car - and the rest of it hanging out with friends and family in Florida. We had a GREAT weekend. One highlight is that Brother taught himself how to swim underwater holding his breath. I am so proud of my little guy. He is not a dare devil (at all) but when he does set his mind to something - he does it and is so proud.

I'm also proud of our Little Bitty. She is completely potty trained (and I'm going to stop talking about it now - I feel I have subjected some people to a little too much potty talk) - but I am very proud of her. My husband and I may screw kids up when it comes to sleep... but I think we are master potty trainers. In fact, I'd almost call it easy - but I won't. ;)

Brother and Little Bitty also amaze me at their ability to be so well behaved in the car, around new people, dealing with late nights, time changes - whatever. Seriously, I've got two good little kids. They challenge me, excite me and make me love being a mother. Last night we stayed up late just because we were having so much fun laughing during bath time and our bedtime routine that it all took longer than usual. I actually stopped and thought about the fact that I may not love playing Star Wars or playing "babies" a lot of the time (or the horse play, my goodness the horse play - I don't get wrestling and being rough - I never have - I'm not good at it)...but- I do love reading together, laughing together, snuggling, singing, playing hide and a seek, watching movies, talking to them, doing art projects and many other past times we have together. My point is that I realized that it's OK if I don't particularly like Star Wars - it doesn't make me a bad mom (I know, I know) - it's just part of who I am and I can have a lot of fun other ways with my kids. And I do I still partake in the space and rough house stuff now and then. I'm just going to go ahead and admit that I'd rather be doing other things.

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Faces only a mother could love...

I won't even try to explain the faces in these two pictures. All I know is I look at them and I still want to kiss them both.

Sunday, March 1, 2009

The Force

The kids were both sick this week. Little Bitty started us off with an ear infection and cold and then Brother brought the week to a close with a flu and pneumonia. Luckily, they are both on the mend (thank you Amoxicillin) and I think we'll have a better week this week.

Little Bitty just brought a booger to me - which she does occasionally - and she always looks totally repulsed like it just ended up on her finger from parts unknown. Each time I tell her to just go put it in a tissue. I look forward to the day where I don't have to be the middle-man with this routine.

In other breaking news worth blogging about...Brother's hair, no it hasn't been cut yet. I actually had talked him into letting me take him to the woman that does mine just to get it "cleaned up" a little. But it's at a point right now that if we comb it right after it's washed, it looks pretty good. However, I still might take him because I was looking forward to going into the hair salon and handing the stylist Brother's Anakin action figure and asking her if she can replicate his hair style. He has decided that this is what he's going for. I really just think he wants to carry a light saber but knows I won't let him get a real one.