Thursday, July 30, 2009

The Best of the Country 2009

My blogging both here and on my crafty blog has been slow lately. It has been a conscious choice because something had to give for a week or two while I got re-focused on the job that pays the bills - but I haven't given it up. Just a short summer vacation I suppose. I'm also trying to wrap my head around the fact that my baby boy is starting Kindergarten in two weeks. Two weeks. It's another one of those things that I never understood why people got emotional over ~ until it has suddenly become my turn to send my sweet, innocent, lovely, first-born child off to some institution where he'll be learning who knows what and ... what if someone is mean to him?! Ahhhhh! Deep breaths. I'm sure it will be fine. It's not like I don't want him to go and have fun - he's excited about it - I just am feeling a little emotional about it. The funny thing is that he's been in daycare since he was 12 weeks old. So... you'd think that this would be no big deal. But for some reason it does feel like a big deal. And I'm glad.

In other news, we had our annual trip to rural Pennsylvania the week after 4th of July. So - this is a recap in photos. Since the visit, we've had a new birth on that side of the family. Baby Luke arrived shortly after our stay in the country. So - next year you can expect tons of toddler cuteness in these photos. We had a blast, as usual. We also spent a long weekend in 'Bama last week. I will try to finagle some pictures of that from one of my siblings. I took none. I never do when we're with my side of the family. I don't know what that's all about.

Little Bitty loved playing with the dogs. Big dogs.
Brother flying on my feet. Made for a cool pic.

Love her. So much.

A sweet moment between Daddy and Daughter. If you look closely, you can see he has a flower tucked behind his ear.

Brother's favorite thing to do was catch crawdads and salamanders in the creek.
Love him. So much.
Two of a kind. The men of Team T.
Ok - there are supposed to be more pictures here. However, Blogspot sometimes gives up after awhile. I'll just save it for tomorrow. I'm going to watch Burn Notice. And - C in TX? I think you should give it another shot. This show is AWESOME. ;)

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Because you shouldn't neglect your teeth...

Overheard as the kids and Daddy watched President Obama throw out the opening pitch of the MLB All-Star Game last night...

Brother: You know how much I love Barack Obama?

Daddy: How much?

Brother: More than my teeth.

Pause. Thinking.

Brother: Well... maybe not more than my teeth.

Daddy: That's good. It's important to love your teeth a lot.

Little Bitty: Daddy! You know what I love even more than I love you?

Daddy: What?!

Little Bitty: My teeth.

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Little Bitty is Three Years Old.

We've had 4th of July, Little Bitty's birthday and a trip to The Country since I've last posted on this blog. The 4th was really a non-event as far as celebrating our country's Independence Day goes - but we had a great little family celebration for our now three year old daughter. Our Little Bitty. Our crazy, dramatic, sweet, hilarious second child.

She got a big girl bike for her birthday. And my husband called it - it took her about thirty minutes to get the hang of it. She, of course, has training wheels - but she transitioned very quickly from the tricycle to the big girl bike and is very proud riding along. At one point she peddled down the sidewalk shouting, "Watch out. Here comes a three year old!" Here are a few pictures from her birthday.
A tea party later in the day with a new tea set.
After opening the gifts, she very coyly asked "Will you sing to me now?" So we did. Both then and later with cake. The day and party was kind of fragmented and nontraditional as far as a birthday party goes - but we had a blast just the four of us. We are now enjoying spending time with family and I'll post those pictures soon. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Every year on certain days I reflect a little on our lives and our children and how it's all come about. Birthdays - of course - are a big day for this type of reflection. With Little Bitty it is a little different than with Brother... because when I think about the day she was born, the 4th of July, I remember that I was floating in a pond on an inner tube drinking a beer (classy. I know.) I had no idea that my daughter had been born a little after midnight that morning. I found out 5 days later. And because of this - I know - beyond any doubt - that giving birth is not what makes you a parent. It's some stronger force that brings a child to their family. Of course, we filled out the paper work, fuund an agency, put all the steps in motion to bring a child into our home through adoption... but it was a miracle, some stronger force that found our Little Bitty for us. It can't be coincidence that this child was "picked" for our family. It seems cliche when I write it but I know anyone with a child through adoption will say the same thing. And that is further evidence of the miracle of adoption. It starts with the one true miracle that we witness everyday - a pregnancy - and then takes it to a whole different level when the child of that pregnancy finds their family, whether it be down the street, across state lines - or even across multiple international borders. Somehow you find each other and the love and connection is as powerful as that when connected by genetics. I'm protective of my daughter in a different way than I am my son. I know that she'll have questions and face situations that I have never experienced. With Brother I can see some of his tendencies that come from me or his daddy and I feel a little prepared to help guide him and talk him through certain anxieties he may face. But with Little Bitty I sometimes want to freeze her little three year old self - her confidence, her sassiness, her self-assurance that makes her so comfortable and happy - and have her never ever have to face the tougher questions and circumstances. Since I can't do that - I just continue to love her, listen to her, share with her, guide her and celebrate with her the miracle that brought her home to her family. Through this, we'll continue her growth into this beautiful and special child that is first and foremost part of Team T. She has my whole heart. All of our hearts. She's perfect and we love her. It's only been three years - and yet - it's ALREADY been three years. Let the adventure continue! We're ready.

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

The girl knows how to party

ME: [Little Bitty], I was thinking about making jello and whipped cream for your class instead of cupcakes. What do you think?

LB: No. Just Whipped Cream.

ME: Well, whipped cream isn't really made to go by itself. We need something with it.

LB: Oh - I have a good idea... whipped cream and cheese.

ME: Oooh. I don't think that would taste too good.

LB: Ok. Then....Whipped Cream and Ham!

Her classmates are in for a treat.