Saturday, February 27, 2010

There was a Little Bitty who Lived in a Shoe...

Conversation between Brother and Little Bitty in the back seat of the car as we drove to Alabama last week.

Little Bitty: [Brother], are you going to be a Daddy some day?

Brother: Yes. I think I'll have three kids. (time passes) Wait, actually - I think I'll just have two kids and a dog. You know - a son, a daughter, a wife, and a dog are really all that a man needs.

Little Bitty: I'm going to have 14 kids. Wait - no - 100 kids. And they'll each have THEIR OWN dog. And their own horse. So... I'll have 100 kids, 100 dogs and 100 horses.

Brother: Wow. You better have a million dollars then.

Monday, February 22, 2010

A February Weekend with Team T

Blake had a conference this weekend so Brother, LB and I were on our own for a couple days. We missed him terribly but we managed to pack a lot of fun into our days. Friday night we tried a new pizza place with my sis and her family. YUM. The pizza was great - and we got to sit at a big round booth which is always good for the kids. The service? Well, I guess they're still learning. It was great to hang out but my sister works a real job where she has to get dressed and show up some place every day Monday thru Friday - so by Friday night, she was kind of a drag understandably tired and the night was short and sweet.

Saturday (see - I'm going to do one of those blog posts where I list the mundane activities of our whole weekend) we went to see "Pedro y el Lobo" (Peter and the Wolf for you non-Spanish speakers). It was the symphony with narration and puppets - all in Spanish. There is a lot of good stuff I could say about this performance. The fact that Little Bitty fell asleep on my lap and then peed all over herself and me - is not one of the good things. The fact that this happened less than half-way through isn't good either. We were about to leave due to the fact that I was bored out of my freakin' mind all wet, but then the puppets came out and Brother wanted to stick it out to watch that part. So we did. By the end I felt so proud that we had stayed for the whole thing that I wanted to dance and sing that Dora song, "We did it, du du du du du du du du du, Lo hicimos...."! If you haven't inferred by the description above - apparently I am not a lover of the symphony. I DO love the idea of it. Kind of like going to museums. Anyway - all in all a great experience for Brother and we saw a lot of friends, yada yada yada.

After Pedro, we went to Alabama to hang with Mum, Papa Bob and Grandma. The kids love going down to their house. We got to walk along the river shore in front of their house and gather nature treasures - the weather was awesome! And my mom has a basket full of maybe 100 beanie babies - so that's always a big hit. They had beanie baby Olympics sliding the different little creatures down the stair banister and throwing them over the upstairs balcony. Good times. The kids love their mum and papa bob - so all was good.

Blake returned around the same time we did - just in time for a Team T hang out session on the couch watching Spy Kids 2.
There you have it. I didn't even touch on the karate class we observed Saturday morning. I'll wait until Brother actually participates to write about that.

Friday, February 12, 2010

A Little Bitty Quote

"There are NO winners in Jenga. Only losers and not losers."
-Little Bitty to Brother upon hearing him exclaim that he was going to win at Jenga.

It's funny cause it's true.

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

We're over the snow.

I'm back at home with my little ones so I can't complain...but (you knew there was a but) it snowed again. Which means that school is cancelled - again. This also wouldn't be a big deal except that Little Bitty got sick as soon as I got home from my work trip and stayed home yesterday - and I was hoping to actually be somewhat productive today. Instead, I have both of them home. Really, if it weren't for this pesky "job" thing - I'd love having them here all day. I do count my blessings though and I am lucky that I don't have to take official time off for something like this.

I had to laugh last night when we looked out the door and saw the snow falling. Little Bitty stomped her little foot and said "I am NOT going out to play in that." Me neither! We live in the south for a reason (and it's not for the meat and three restaurants), right?! So, we made the best of it and I whipped up this awesome fort INSIDE today - I guess I was pretty productive. The picture doesn't do it justice, but this was attempt #83 or so trying to get a good shot with my Blackberry and I had to just go with it. The fort is complete with hanging pirate lights. The kids are both squinting because my little camera on my phone has a surprisingly bright flash. I promise they aren't stoned.

Most importantly, Little Bitty is feeling much better today (strep test negative and blood work normal - yay) and I haven't been puked on for at least 36 hours or so, so I'd say we're on the mend.

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

It's Fancy

I haven't blogged about any of the recent holidays - not because they weren't great - they were. Even bronchitis, antibiotics, coughs, flu-like symptoms and 12 hour drives are tolerable when it means you get to spend the holidays with your loved ones (btw - I didn't have to put up with being sick - my loved ones did, and for the record, I'd always rather it be me). I think the only reason I haven't blogged about the holiday season is because it was just all so busy starting with selling our house in early November - things didn't slow down until very recently - and now here I am out of town for a week for work.

I always dread leaving on my work trips. I don't have to travel often - just about once every few months and usually just for three or four days. But - the days leading up to it put me in a funk. I miss my husband and kids when I'm gone and I just don't feel completely right. HOWEVER - this time I had a little something to get me excited about my trip. Brother and Little Bitty got me THIS for Christmas:
If ever there has been a fancy suitcase, this is it. They know me - I've always had a thing about not wanting to look "plain". I like earrings and makeup. I like fringe-y boots. I like my new suitcase!

The US Air ticket counter lady even commented on it, something like "Oh! You won't lose this will you?!" I smiled and told her that my 3 and 6 year old had picked it out for me. Her coworker then informed me that he had watched a TV show about a child born without a face. ? Very sad - yes. Relevant at all to my fancy suitcase? No, not so much. So....where was I?

Anyway- so here I am - missing my kids - but doing it in style. I actually found time to run out to the beach (by run I mean ride in my coworkers car) and gather some shells in the wind and cold to bring home for Brother and LB.

And when I do get home, I shall be thankful that I get to see their little faces light up. ;)