Tuesday, February 9, 2010

We're over the snow.

I'm back at home with my little ones so I can't complain...but (you knew there was a but) it snowed again. Which means that school is cancelled - again. This also wouldn't be a big deal except that Little Bitty got sick as soon as I got home from my work trip and stayed home yesterday - and I was hoping to actually be somewhat productive today. Instead, I have both of them home. Really, if it weren't for this pesky "job" thing - I'd love having them here all day. I do count my blessings though and I am lucky that I don't have to take official time off for something like this.

I had to laugh last night when we looked out the door and saw the snow falling. Little Bitty stomped her little foot and said "I am NOT going out to play in that." Me neither! We live in the south for a reason (and it's not for the meat and three restaurants), right?! So, we made the best of it and I whipped up this awesome fort INSIDE today - I guess I was pretty productive. The picture doesn't do it justice, but this was attempt #83 or so trying to get a good shot with my Blackberry and I had to just go with it. The fort is complete with hanging pirate lights. The kids are both squinting because my little camera on my phone has a surprisingly bright flash. I promise they aren't stoned.

Most importantly, Little Bitty is feeling much better today (strep test negative and blood work normal - yay) and I haven't been puked on for at least 36 hours or so, so I'd say we're on the mend.


Kimpossible said...

Oh! Is THAT what stoned looks like? I wouldn't even know it if I saw it for real and have always wondered.

Love this post.

Julie said...

Glad Little Bitty didn't have strep but my poor Cam had it this week. Holding my breath that Conner doesn't get it! Thankfully no barfing though :-)

Miss you guys!