Wednesday, February 3, 2010

It's Fancy

I haven't blogged about any of the recent holidays - not because they weren't great - they were. Even bronchitis, antibiotics, coughs, flu-like symptoms and 12 hour drives are tolerable when it means you get to spend the holidays with your loved ones (btw - I didn't have to put up with being sick - my loved ones did, and for the record, I'd always rather it be me). I think the only reason I haven't blogged about the holiday season is because it was just all so busy starting with selling our house in early November - things didn't slow down until very recently - and now here I am out of town for a week for work.

I always dread leaving on my work trips. I don't have to travel often - just about once every few months and usually just for three or four days. But - the days leading up to it put me in a funk. I miss my husband and kids when I'm gone and I just don't feel completely right. HOWEVER - this time I had a little something to get me excited about my trip. Brother and Little Bitty got me THIS for Christmas:
If ever there has been a fancy suitcase, this is it. They know me - I've always had a thing about not wanting to look "plain". I like earrings and makeup. I like fringe-y boots. I like my new suitcase!

The US Air ticket counter lady even commented on it, something like "Oh! You won't lose this will you?!" I smiled and told her that my 3 and 6 year old had picked it out for me. Her coworker then informed me that he had watched a TV show about a child born without a face. ? Very sad - yes. Relevant at all to my fancy suitcase? No, not so much. So....where was I?

Anyway- so here I am - missing my kids - but doing it in style. I actually found time to run out to the beach (by run I mean ride in my coworkers car) and gather some shells in the wind and cold to bring home for Brother and LB.

And when I do get home, I shall be thankful that I get to see their little faces light up. ;)

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