Friday, March 27, 2009

The kids' silent auction at their preschool is tonight. Last year we came home with Sea Monkeys. Did you all realize sea monkeys live quite. a. while? Which is fine. It just surprised me.
This year - I'm wanting a puppy! I know - I talk myself out of it every time I think about it. But - looook:

To be clear, they aren't going to be at the Silent Auction. They are both rescue dogs available for adoption. The first one is a spitz mix and is closer and cheaper. But - the second one is a poodle yorkie mix and doesn't shed and would fit in my purse - which is something I never knew I wanted until I saw her.
By psychoanalyzing myself I realize that my pet craving is really just probably because Little Bitty is now the age Brother was when she was born and it's probably that mommy instinct/biological clock thing kicking in. And I know that more kids aren't in our future - so one of these seems like a good alternative, right?! Right? Hello?
Or - some more sea monkeys.


Mother Goose said...

You have got to have that first one. Or I do. That spot on that eye is too much. Do it!

Note: I am not a dog person, so this obviously very well thought-out, good-intentioned advice.

Brenna said...

jasmine told me about the grape incident--so glad that turned out okay! oy.

yay for dogs! go for it! as cute as that puppy is, young adult dogs are waaaaaay easier (just a thought).

littlezen said...

The one in the top photo is SO CUTE! I say that so easily...people come up to us at the park and say how great our dog is...hmmm, it's not the same after she eats all the paper accidentally left on the kitchen table or shreds the tp in the bathroom. Beware. Dogs are a lot of work. Worth it, but a lot work.

Anonymous said...

Don't get the Spitz mix - not good around kids. If you get either one of the other two and decide it's not for you, I'll take if off your hands. Love you!!! Grammy

Anonymous said...

OMG - Go for it! Actually, I say do it while the clock is'll have more to give and more of a desire to respond to all the puppy needs. Bella, our Spitz was great with us - evidently just not the kid who ran across our yard without her permission! The YorkiPoo is absolutely adorable!
Love you, Nikki

Heather said...

The yorkie one. I just love that face.