Sunday, March 1, 2009

The Force

The kids were both sick this week. Little Bitty started us off with an ear infection and cold and then Brother brought the week to a close with a flu and pneumonia. Luckily, they are both on the mend (thank you Amoxicillin) and I think we'll have a better week this week.

Little Bitty just brought a booger to me - which she does occasionally - and she always looks totally repulsed like it just ended up on her finger from parts unknown. Each time I tell her to just go put it in a tissue. I look forward to the day where I don't have to be the middle-man with this routine.

In other breaking news worth blogging about...Brother's hair, no it hasn't been cut yet. I actually had talked him into letting me take him to the woman that does mine just to get it "cleaned up" a little. But it's at a point right now that if we comb it right after it's washed, it looks pretty good. However, I still might take him because I was looking forward to going into the hair salon and handing the stylist Brother's Anakin action figure and asking her if she can replicate his hair style. He has decided that this is what he's going for. I really just think he wants to carry a light saber but knows I won't let him get a real one.


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