Wednesday, March 11, 2009

My kids, my parenting, etc.

We spent a lot of last weekend in the car - and the rest of it hanging out with friends and family in Florida. We had a GREAT weekend. One highlight is that Brother taught himself how to swim underwater holding his breath. I am so proud of my little guy. He is not a dare devil (at all) but when he does set his mind to something - he does it and is so proud.

I'm also proud of our Little Bitty. She is completely potty trained (and I'm going to stop talking about it now - I feel I have subjected some people to a little too much potty talk) - but I am very proud of her. My husband and I may screw kids up when it comes to sleep... but I think we are master potty trainers. In fact, I'd almost call it easy - but I won't. ;)

Brother and Little Bitty also amaze me at their ability to be so well behaved in the car, around new people, dealing with late nights, time changes - whatever. Seriously, I've got two good little kids. They challenge me, excite me and make me love being a mother. Last night we stayed up late just because we were having so much fun laughing during bath time and our bedtime routine that it all took longer than usual. I actually stopped and thought about the fact that I may not love playing Star Wars or playing "babies" a lot of the time (or the horse play, my goodness the horse play - I don't get wrestling and being rough - I never have - I'm not good at it)...but- I do love reading together, laughing together, snuggling, singing, playing hide and a seek, watching movies, talking to them, doing art projects and many other past times we have together. My point is that I realized that it's OK if I don't particularly like Star Wars - it doesn't make me a bad mom (I know, I know) - it's just part of who I am and I can have a lot of fun other ways with my kids. And I do I still partake in the space and rough house stuff now and then. I'm just going to go ahead and admit that I'd rather be doing other things.

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Julie said...

Mel - it's refreshing to hear you admit that you don't love all those things because you sure seem like you do! You are so enthusiastic with your little sweethearts and I know they love you for it even if you don't really like Star Wars. Thanks for having us girls over on Friday night.