Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Cut the grapes.

Last night was one of my scariest moments as a parent. Little Bitty choked on a grape. A stupid whole grape that I should have cut up but didn't because she eats anything and everything and I was hurrying to make dinner and I didn't think I needed to do it.

Thankfully my husband and I both had the basic first aid training of how to help a choking child. This wasn't a struggle-a-little and then cough it up type of choke. She had panic in her eyes, was trying desperately to gag and get it up but couldn't and was turning blue. I tried multiple times -turning her upside down and giving her blows to the back and it didn't work. I handed her over to Daddy who went through 3 (I think) rounds of turning her over and hitting her back multiple times. The last ones that finally worked were so hard that I thought she would be black and blue (she's not) or have a broken bone. A whole grape finally popped out of her airway. Thank God. I shook for hours - it is amazing how things just happen so fast and you have to just react.

Our pediatrician's nurse once told me the accidents usually happen because people get too comfortable with something and forget or just don't take the precautions necessary (she mentioned four-wheeling - which we don't really do). But, think about it - we would never think that because we've driven our toddler around for 2 years and never had a car accident that they don't need a car seat anymore, right?! So why would I think that because Little Bitty's been eating grapes for two years and not choked that I don't need to cut them anymore? I'm not really beating myself up - I'm just extremely thankful that my husband was strong and calm and did what had to be done and that my beautiful daughter is fine. And I wanted to share as a reminder. And I will be cutting all grapes with a food processor until they each head to college.


Tricia said...

So scary.

And so GLAD she is okay and so GRATEFUL for the reminder!

The Hoopers said...

So sorry that happened, but thank you for the all too scary reminder. It is so easy to get too comfortable with things.

reaping joy said...

I'm glad I read this. I just started letting Elyssa eat whole grapes because she does such a good job chewing things up well & can eat everything. I'll keep cutting her grapes!

Glad your sweetie is fine!!