Friday, August 28, 2009

Last hurrahs before school started

Wow. Being a grown up is exhausting.

The kids are adjusting to the new routine. Little Bitty is psyched about going to her first "build a bear" birthday party of a classmate tomorrow. Brother is playing in his second soccer game of the season. Daddy is the coach and their team, the Iguanas, is awesome. Mostly just because my son and husband are so cute out there on the field.

Daddy took the kids on a last hurrah to a nearby nature center museum the week before school started. We also did a family zoo trip. We got some cute pictures which I've been a little slack in posting. So - here is a myriad of pictures to enjoy.

Apparently Brother loved this gear board and played for a long time arranging them so that they would all move.

Fire fighters in training.

At the zoo. I'll refrain from making a horny joke about my husband.

Our Little Bitty on the carousel.

Hoping through the pond at the nature center museum.


Anonymous said...

Good times! Love the hats!! Love you - Grammy

Heather said...

Hee hee. Horn. Y.
Hee hee.

Love the photos of those beautiful kids!