Friday, June 19, 2009

The humor in everyday happenings

It's been a funny week... especially if you think puppies chewing up new Blackberry Curves is funny. Which I don't. I do think kids drawing on mustaches, beards, and chest hair (on themselves - not on me) with a Sharpie is funny. For me, the funniest part was when I told Brother (who really RARELY does anything naughty) that Sharpies were permanent - the expression on his face went from joy over his little unapproved body art to confusion then alarm. I didn't let him panic for long - I told him I was sure we could get it off somehow. It actually came off pretty easily with baby wipes and then some scrubbing by Daddy. Thanks to my Facebook friends for suggestions and sharing in my amusement.

Other things I have found amusement in this week:

  • The kids are very PC in their discipline of Mighty Boy. They remind me constantly that he is not a "bad puppy" he just makes some "bad choices". Seriously, who have they been hanging out with?! ;)

  • Brother and Little Bitty had a big argument this morning over whether or not Brother looked awesome. Brother thought he looked awesome even without his pants on. Little Bitty said he DIDN'T look awesome because he wasn't dressed yet.

  • Brother helped Little Bitty learn to put her head under water in the bathtub. He helped her put on goggles, held her nose for her, and then pushed her face under and held it there by the back of her head for a few seconds. As she came up sputtering he told her "Good job. You did great!" She was all smiles and so proud. A fly on the wall would have definitely thought that Brother was trying to drown her - but it was actually a very sweet brother/sister moment.

  • Little Bitty has discovered secrets. She comes and whispers in my ear (usually something completely unintelligible) and then gives me a sidelong look and says, very seriously, "DON'T tell anyone." Believe me baby, I couldn't if I tried.

Gearing up for Father's Day this weekend. Brother has some big ideas. He is such a sweet kid - both of them are - they love family time and it is my wish that we can somehow maintain that as a constant through the years. Team T rocks!


Anonymous said...

TEAM T TOTALLY ROCKS!! It is such a joy to read about all the wonderful fun things that go on with you all. I always tell our mom that great parents make great kids and my mom always tells me that great kids make great parents...whichever way it guys are awesome! Love you, Zia

Anonymous said...

Thanks for my chuckle of the day! I just want to know who drew what on whom?? or is it a "secret"? I will be anxious to hear what great ideas you all come up with for Father's Day! Team T rocks forever!!! Love you, Grammy

TNKerry said...

You have me cracking up over here. Your babes are too funny!!!