Monday, June 29, 2009

Back again

So - I had to travel for business last week, returned home and then Team T promptly went our separate ways for the weekend. Brother and Daddy headed to Atlanta for the Braves/Red Sox game, Little Bitty and I headed to Indy to see the new addition to the family. Baby G is absolutely precious. He is tiny and sweet and all the kids (his sister and four cousins were there) took turns holding him. Little Bitty LOVED him and says she misses him. Good thing she had Mighty Boy to dote on. ;)

Multi-generational Red Sox Fan Photo

I wish I had a cute picture of Little Bitty with her new cousin - but I don't. I took some with my phone and they didn't get saved. I'm such a heal.

Anyway, this will be another busy week - Little Bitty turns 3 on Saturday! I've got shopping and planning to do! Ideas for gifts? I'm listening.


Blake said...

You're a "heal?" Nah, toots, I think you're a real class dame.

I like this "talk like it's 1943" game.

Our Time said...

Happy Birthday to Little Bitty! A real "firecracker" of a gal!