Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Good to the last drop

What's even better than getting to be the mother to the world's most beautiful little girl??

That's right... having that beautiful little girl love to make you coffee every morning!

In other news - I'm off on my first field trip as a parent today. We're headed to an apple orchard in the rain. The rain doesn't bother me too much - I'm just excited that Brother is at the age where he wants his mommy to come along. My only hope is that they don't put me in charge of any other kids. There is a reason I'm not a teacher anymore. ;)


Trace said...

She looks so grown up! Maybe it's the glasses?

Anonymous said...

She's growing up too fast! I hope the field trip went well. Love the pic of Brother on the bus! How blessed to be able to be the mom who gets to go on the field trip! Love you all, Zia

Ashley said...

ummm.... when did she turn 24??? She is too stinkin cute!