Monday, September 14, 2009

A Sense of Humor

I think the game began on a long car ride with the four of us. True, it won't make it into any parenting magazines - but I imagine plenty of other families with young children have played the same game. It's called "How many different ways of saying 'vomit' can we think of?" Brother came up with quite a few good ones - and also had an original entry... "throwing the bologna". We laughed and thought that was the winner of our list.

Fast forward a few weeks and during one hectic morning before school and our crazyass spirited puppy (how long are they considered a puppy?) had an accident on the floor. Ugghh. And then he ate it. I know - way too much information and not necessarily the type of stuff good blogs are made of. But, this is my life. Anyway - after doing this, Mighty Boy proceeded to gobble up his, um, deposit... I think to not get in trouble (because why the heck else would anyone do this?!) Well, that was a bad idea - because as most beings with any sort of brain could tell you - that will probably make you sick. Which it did. All over the living room floor. So - as we are now about 5 minutes late getting out the door, I'm scrambling to clean up the latest mess while the kids look on in amusement. However, the more Little Bitty looks at it - the more her gag reflexes start kicking in. And she thinks that is funny. "Brother, watch this!", she'd scream and then look at the mess and gag and dry heave. "Honey, stop it..." I'm warning. Too late. On about the fourth round of looking, gagging, repeating, Little Bitty also loses her breakfast. All over the living room floor. We were late to school.

Fast forward another several days, Little Bitty is laughing as she remembers the episode and tells her Daddy about it:

"Daddy, remember yesterday [anything in the past is yesterday for Little Bitty] Mighty Boy and I both throwed the bologna!"

"Yes," says Daddy, laughing at her use of the appropriate euphemism.

"Daddy, you know what that Bologna said?"

"What?" asked Daddy - looking at me like 'where is this going?'

"I believe I can flyyyyy!", she sang out before laughing hysterically.

Ahhh, our Little Bitty. She's got it. That keen sense of humor that our family loves. Good job, sweetie. Mommy is proud and I have now documented the whole twisted series of events leading up to your first real funny.

* A side note to Little Bitty - sometimes Uncle Pete will try to be funnier than you - but you remember - you're your mommy's daughter and WE'RE the funny ones.


Anonymous said...

Oh too funny!!!!!! But, Little Bitty, don't ever let Nonno know that you are funnier the him. Humor him -

Anonymous said...

LOL! I love it!! And she's come in to her own so early. She may catch up to Nonno, U. Pete and Mommy funny status before we know it!
Love you all, Zia

TNKerry said...

YOu may want to try putting that one in a parenting magazine. I am pretty sure it would make it. Way too funny!!!

Mr. Hooper said...

Just laughed out loud while reading this. Hyterical, but real mommy morning! By the way- our dog is 7 and still eats her "deposits." One of the joys of owning a dog!

Anonymous said...

This is hilarious! I definitely think you are both much funnier than Uncle Pete. Although he is a close third!