Sunday, December 23, 2007

Last minute shopping and holiday cards

Yesterday we headed to a big superstore to finish up some shopping (you know the one... starts with a W, ends with mart). Considering this is the last weekend before Christmas - what could make this trip just a little more bearable? I know - dress like a cowboy! That is exactly what brother decided when he appeared ready to go after we told him he had to go get dressed. The outfit started out normal enough; long sleeve sky blue t-shirt, red warm-up pants with grey stripes (ok - not a great combo - but not horrible), but then... cowboy boots, leather-fringed vest, and cowboy hat. Of course - no one at the store blinked. He fit right in.
I think most of our Christmas cards have gone out - so here are a couple shots that made the card. If you haven't received yours... I most likely don't have your address or else I just tracked it down and it was mailed on Friday. My laptop crashed and I lost all of my addresses a few months ago. Or - perhaps I have never had your address - just email me and I'll send you a card. ;)


carla said...

tired mother here :)

did I email you and letcha know Ive reopened the chickenbus?

the plan was to ONLY BLOG FOR ME (and emma. later in life) but Ive caved for relatives and now for a few friends as well.

if you wanna read (NO PRESSURE) just get a username at and send it to me!


Mother Goose said...

How could you?

You cannot post about an outfit like that and then not put a picture. It's against bloggermama rules.

Hope to see you soon ...