Tuesday, February 26, 2008

10 reasons that I think my son is awesome

    There are many things that Brother does to crack me up and make me love him more each day. These are just ten of them.
  1. He changes his mind often and unselfconsciously. "I want my rubber frog to be named Diamond. Actually, his name isn't Diamond. Actually, it is. No wait...it's not."

  2. He calls himself an "everything expert". And he's four.

  3. He sang along to Flo Rida (is that two words?) with me the other day.

  4. He waits about 7 or 8 seconds from the time we tuck him in bed until he comes out to give us a hug and say hi. And to say he just can't go to sleep.

  5. Movies that he's seen twenty times still scare him - as if the 21st time the bad guy might win.

  6. He told Daddy that Miss Holly is his favorite teacher. Why? Because she teaches him things he didn't already know.

  7. He refers to all his rubber animals as simply "rubbers". As in - "Hey Ethan and Miles - do you want to see all my rubbers?" or (in Publix) "Hey Mommy - let's go to the Rubber aisle!"

  8. He celebrates wholeheartedly when his sister learns to do new things (like jumping). Also, he wants to marry her.

  9. When I sing too loud with the radio (like to Flo Rida)- he asks me politely to "just lip sing" instead of saying the words out loud.

  10. See this video. Future "Nashville Star" maybe?


TNKerry said...

Nashville Star, no doubt!!!

We have got to got Brother and my Kenz together. That would be a room filled with personality and confidence!!! I love it :)

Anonymous said...

...and the million other cute, sweet, intelligent, amazing things he says and does! Love you little nephew!!! Love, Zia

Ashley said...

He is a cute little stinker isn't he???