Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Three random questions...

* The spell-check function is not working on blogger for some reason. So, I take no responsibility for the misspellings in this post. ;)

A couple days ago I started noticing that I was having tons of blog hits from around the world. I took my little map off because it freaked me out. A question for you more sophisticated bloggers...why is this happening? Is it because I linked to a video on Because I linked to feedit (or whatever that's called)? I'd like to think that my witty writing is just sweeping the world, but I'm quite certain that's not it... I don't think my humor translates so well in Eastern Europe. I even got some sort of spam comment for some spyware. grrrr.


Did any of you get to discuss bull semen and cattle embryos last night at dinner? No? We did. Relatives from southern Indiana are priceless. In all seriousness - we had a wonderful visit with an uncle we hadn't seen for a long time last night and I love the fact that he - out of no obligation - called and went out of his way to see us and have dinner on a long road trip. Best of luck to my beautiful cousin at her dance competition in Florida.


I recently read an article in a parenting magazine that described "mommy bloggers" as something along the lines as narcisistic procrastinators (the procrastination being all the other things they should be doing besides blogging about their boring kids). Does anyone want to actually step up and agree with this? I do this blog because I like to have a little outlet to write and to document the sweetness of my family at this age. I don't do scrapbooking - this is the next best thing for me. The article left me a little irritated.

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carla said...

amen on the irritating comments re: mommy bloggers.
I too do it for E since there is no way this woman is gonna scrapbook!