Monday, February 11, 2008

Family, food and fun

I once complained about a co-worker who would rehash all the boring details of her weekend to me each Monday (if you're a previous co-worker of mine reading this - no, it wasn't you). My husband suggested that instead of asking her, "How was your weekend?" I should say, "So, what did you do that was interesting this weekend?" Good advice. So in the spirit of practicing what my husband preaches, here is a recap of the interesting parts of our weekend. In no particular order;

1) The kids and I had a great visit with a lot of my family in Alabama this weekend while Daddy was off conferencing in New Orleans. Having family relatively close (this is new to us) is definitely cool.

2) I think I was partly responsible for pushing a McD's employee to his limit - causing him to throw his little drive-through headset, grab his car keys, shout "I quit" to his co-workers, walk out the door, and peel out in his Camaro (or was it a Transam?). Now, when I say I was partly responsible, I did nothing inappropriate or overtly rude... I think I was just that straw (the straw that waited 20 minutes for her food and was then charged the wrong amount and given the wrong food) that broke the camels back. I do have to say though, if you've never seen someone walk out mid-shift from their job, it is strangely satisfying and fulfilled some fantasies I've had for myself at work. I kind of wanted to stand up and cheer for the guy...think Dorothy from Jerry McGuire, "I'll go with you!"

3) We had a family outing of bowling this weekend. First time for Brother and Little Bitty. In keeping true to form - I lost. Even to Brother and Little Bitty. How is that even possible?! Well, I'll tell you how - they have these cool ramps and bumpers for little kids to use when they are bowling. And, I had a major "crick" in my neck. Plus, their father is a good bowler... so it may be in at least one of their genetic make-ups. So, obviously, it really wasn't a fair match.

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carla said...

number 2?

you make me laugh

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