Friday, February 1, 2008

Bucket Head

I once muttered a somewhat creative obscenity at a reckless driver while my sponge-like son was in the back seat. He laughed and started repeating what he thought I said, "Yeah, you bucket-head". I was very relieved that he had either misheard or mispronounced and "bucket head" has now hung around as a name to call a bad driver. Nice, I know.

WELL, imagine my surprise when I was in Big Lots today (I know, why do I do that to myself?!) and in walks a real-life bucket head. The man had on overalls, a hoodie sweatshirt of some type, and a bucket on his head. Not a plastic bucket (as if that would somehow be better). No, this man chose an orange metal bucket to wear on his head. Handle securely tucked under his chin. He did not appear to be suffering from any type of disability that might nessecitate one wearing a bucket on their head (is there such condition?) And it wasn't raining at the time. I had the urge to follow him around the store to see what he was buying, but really - which is weirder... wearing a bucket on your head or following someone who wears a bucket on their head??

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