Tuesday, January 29, 2008

This makes me laugh

Does anyone else find it kind of funny to see your kids scared IF you know they are in no danger? Am I just warped? This video is an example. It is horrible quality - I just did it with our digital camera and the lighting is bad and it is rotated (and I'm feeling too cheap and impatient to buy the editing tools from Quicktime) - BUT - the sight in real life of the neighbor kids and Brother and Little Bitty running and screaming from the Roomba (thank you Zia - we're enjoying this more than we even imagined, ha ha) was very funny. I'm talking a good 30 minutes of entertainment for all.


Anonymous said...

Nonno's cousin said:

Oh those poor kids - you parents surely need a break!! Send them to my house - not only will they NOT see a Roomba, they won't even see a vac - they'll enjoy playing with all the little dust bunnies...

Love you all - Anita-MA

Anonymous said...

That is hillarious!!! The Roomba (whatever it's name may be) truly does provide for timeless entertainment. This may be the perfect invention...cleans house while playing with and wearing out the children. Who would have thought it would be a gift for the whole family! :-)
Love you all, Zia