Friday, January 25, 2008

On Friendships

So I picked Brother up from Preschool and he was telling me how Bailey and Will had decided "they didn't ever want to be his friend anymore." This is so heartbreaking to hear, even though I know that Bailey and Will are frequently fickle about who they are friends with - and chances are that my son is too. It comes with preschool. Anyway, we discussed how it doesn't matter if Bailey and Will don't want to be his friend - it only matters that he feels good about himself and is a good friend to the people who do want to be his friend.

"Catherine is my friend. She is really nice," he says.
"And I have [Little Bitty]." He looks over and smiles at his sister - obviously not really fazed or upset by the Bailey and Will situation.

"That's a great point!" I say and then proceed to ramble about how one of the most wonderful things about our family is that we always have each other and we get to be each other's best friends...yada, yada, yada.

"Right!" says Brother, "Unless... somebody accidentally shoots one of us with a gun."

OK, mental note - it seems my gun safety lecture has been given one too many times (and no, we don't own a gun).

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Grammy said...

The unfortuante hazards of exposing our children to "school"!!
They get someone elses' ideas.