Wednesday, January 16, 2008

The Celebration of Family Day

So I made a nice (well, edible) dinner, set the table, and we all sat down together. I had been a little sentimental all day about the milestone of Little Bitty's first year home with us. I turned to Brother and explained the specialness of the day.

Mommy: Guess what? Today we have all been a family for exactly one year. It was January 9th last year when Daddy and I got home with Little Bitty from Guatemala and we began our life together as a family of four.

Brother: Oh... (pausing, looking somewhat thoughtful), how many days does that make it until the new Backyardigans episode is on?

Mommy: Five.

Brother: YES!!!

And so went our first annual Family Day. I hope they are all this special.


Grammy said...

Tears are streaming, I'm laughing so hard! Well, think about the logic - Bitty LOVES the Backyardigans - so it only makes sense that a new episode should follow closely to her arrival anniversary???????? Makes sense to me!! Gotta love him!!

Anonymous said...

thanks for sharing

made me LAUGH!!