Sunday, January 27, 2008

Weekend Entertainment

Second great weekend in a row. Last weekend we had a visit from Grammy, Nonno, Zia and Uncle Pete. It was delightful - although we miss them when they have to leave. I think they were probably ready to head back to FL. It was in the 20's here and several people had colds. We need to lure Uncle Pete back sometime when it is warm, he only got to see the Parthenon replica from the car - and he needs to experience that up close and personal.

This weekend we had (grown up!) friends over for dinner and played "Scene It". Dinner was pizza from a new-to-the-area "take and bake" pizza place. It was delicious...and sure to make the regular rotation around here.

The game afterwards was fun with a lot of laughs. I pretty much lost - which is to be expected (partly because I always lose games) because my movie watching tolerance is limited to romantic comedies with happy endings. I can appreciate good acting and directing, but it doesn't mean I enjoy watching it. As I've gotten older I've adopted my mom's philosophy of "there's enough sadness and violence in real life, I don't need to watch it in a movie". So, it is very rare now that I'll sit through a movie that is all disturbing to me. All that being said - we went to see "No Country for Old Men" a few weeks ago. Wow. It really DIDN'T meet my criteria on any level. And then, it just ended. Anyone who has seen it knows what I'm talking about. Good acting, writing, directing - all that stuff - but SO disturbing.

Speaking of which - we've for some reason watched some episodes of Nip/Tuck lately. Sick. SICK. It makes you feel like you need a shower afterwards to rinse away the hour of immoral repugnance you've just exposed yourself to. Seriously, I can put up with some trashiness for the sake of mindless entertainment (LOVE "Las Vegas" on Friday nights!) But, I'm putting this in writing - I will not ever be tuning in to see what happens with the disgusting group of people on Nip/Tuck again.

And with that (and to wash away the memories of that horrible show that are still in my head) - I leave you with some visions of loveliness from around our home.

Our yard is home to a ton of birds - these pictures will not at all do them justice, but there are cardinals everywhere! Each time we look out the window there are at least two or three at the bird feeders. It's fun to watch - and Little Bitty now says, "Birrr"!

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