Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Our First Year with Little Bitty

Exactly one year ago we returned home from Guatemala and began life as a family of four. Little Bitty had been with us for 5 days already - but coming home to Brother and finally being all together is what I remember as the most amazing and relieving part of the whole process (that process being adding our second child).

In the past year Little Bitty has traveled with us to Indiana twice, Florida three times, North Carolina three times, Texas, Alabama, Pennsylvania and South Carolina.

She's learned to sit up, crawl, walk, run, climb, feed herself, undress herself and recently to talk - a lot.

She's gained about 7 or 8 pounds. Grown about 4 or 5 inches taller. Gotten 8 1/2 teeth.

She's started preschool, made friends, played on the beach, gone swimming, gone boating, gone sledding... and fallen in love with Mommy, Daddy and brother. She's also learned to be alright if we aren't right with her.

Through all these change and new experiences, she's smiled and laughed way more than she's cried. When she does cry, it is truly heartfelt and she gives it her all. She's working on learning not to throw things when her fiery temper flares. Most times now she just stands firm and sticks her lip out while staring at her little shoes. Sometimes her disappointment brings her down to the floor where she stays until she's scooped up by Mommy or Daddy. At that point, she usually can't resist a giggle or smile.

She has completely stolen my heart and made me a better parent. She challenges me and amazes me and I can't imagine our family being formed any other way.

We love our Little Bitty.

Now a walk down memory lane...

Our first meeting with Little Bitty
Little Bitty's Embassy Day

The First Day Home
Christmas Day 2007


TNKerry said...

I can not believe it has been a whole year for you already. And to think I was there in that very hot room with you when Little Bitty was put in you arms never to be given back again!!!!! I will never forget the look on your face. I love seeing (through pictures) how she and LB have formed their own special bond with each other. So very sweet!!!

Grammy said...

Although she has been in our hearts since birth, it was the best Christmas present we could imagine when the phone call came last December. She is our precious Angel (and I DO believe in Angles). She has changed our lives forever. Happy one year Anniversary Bitty - we love you!!!

Michelle Smiles said...

Happy Family Day! It is crazy how quickly the tie passes!

Anonymous said...

Nonno's cousin said: What a happy anniversay this is!! We were honored to be included in your "You Belong" journal and to be now to continue here.

A coworker's friend is bringing home her little boy from Guatemala tomorrow!!! I'll be sharing this page with the girls here at work who have followed this along with me. They will be thrilled.

Dick, Beth, Zach and I love you all very much.

Love - Anita/MA

Anonymous said...

My goodness! I just read this with the same joy and tears that I had while reading the "Waiting For Pilar" journal so long ago. It feels like just yesterday. She truly is a blessing and proof that God listens to our prayers - I guess He doesn't have much choice when you have a family as strong as ours. U. Pete and I cannot wait to see you all in a couple days - we have so much to celebrate!
Love, Zia