Thursday, September 9, 2010

Bike Rides and Fireflies

Yep, she rides on two wheels. She's cool like that. Yesterday evening we took a little pajama bike ride. Mighty Boy came along showing off his fall hair do. He also got a new halter top.

The return leg of the bike ride was interrupted with some firefly catching. It was very exciting and much so that the kids kept jumping off their bikes in the middle of the street to run and grab another firefly. And then I yelled and threatened them because that's how I like to ruin a special evening. BUT - not before I snapped some sweet pictures of the event with our new camera. Yay.

p.s. Our children do own actual sets of pajama tops and bottoms that match. They do not tend to wear them that way.


Anonymous said...

Nice pics. Yay new camera! And, does it only APPEAR that our children were riding their bikes in the pitch black?

MelanyTN said...

It got a little dark on the way home...but most of the fireflying was right in front of our house. ;)