Monday, September 24, 2007

Sleepless in Tennessee

If someone were to ask me today, "At what age did your kids start sleeping through the night?" - I would answer, "I don't know yet."

Our Little Bitty has had sleep issues on and off since she came home. Actually, if she is in our bed with us - she has no issues. She sleeps like a queen. However, she has never been fond of her crib. So, about a month ago - we did away with the crib. Our Little Bitty 14 month old now sleeps on a twin size mattress on her bedroom floor. This change has actually worked great for her - in fact, the night before last she did not wake up once until 6am. This was HUGE! But, it seems to have been a fluke - she was up around 3am last night wanting to come snuggle. She stands at the little gate at her bedroom door (to prevent nighttime wandering) and calls for us. I can either go in her room with her and help her get back to sleep and then creep back to my room - or I can scoop her up and put in our bed. I'm not completely consistent with which I choose to do. It usually depends on if it is the first time its happened that night - or the seventh (seriously).

Brother was similar to this - and thankfully now does sleep through the night. He's almost 4. Our challenge with him is getting him to go to sleep. However, although our nighttime story and snuggle time is more drawn out than it should be - I do cherish it. Plus -I know that he won't go off to college and still need me to read to him, tell him stories and do criss-cross applesauce on his back.

The funny thing about our kids' sleep habits is that I no longer really want to hear any advice or suggestions on how to make it better. I've read the books, I've listened to what works for others and we've tried many different approaches. Now, I'm just resigned to the fact that this is how it works in our family and since our kids are happy and well-adjusted - I'm just going to keep getting up once, twice, seven times during the night until Little Bitty also outgrows this phase.

In the meantime, I drink plenty of coffee and Diet Coke to keep me sharp during the day (yes, that is debatable). In fact, since I now buy my coffee here: my caffeine consumption is actually making the world a little bit better place.


Tricia said...

THREE CHEERS for your new blog!!

I have missed your old one and I am so happy that I will be able to watch your two beauties continue to grow & change!

No advice on the sleeping stuff - but I highly endorse your selection of coffee and my favorite, Diet Coke!

Zia said...

I am so excited to have another journal to follow!

Snuggle time is priceless!!

carla said...


TNKerry said...

Love your blog. I so agree on the sleep thing. Do what works. My approach has become more and more laid back with each child. With CiCi we didn't even bother putting a crib in her room. We bought a mini crib for our room and she starts in it and then at some point in the night she ends up with us. I love it and I know that she will eventually end up in a bed and room of her own. I like the twin mattress on the floor idea. That may be what we do once we actually start putting her to bed in her own room.