Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Superheroes in my house

"Hi Lois."

I'm greeted this way more often than not lately. It is then that I know that Brother is either pretending to be Clark Kent or Superman. I have to check out his clothes to know which way to respond to him. If he is in street clothes - then, obviously he is still Clark. However, if he is donning his fleece Superman outfit, including the red cape, then he is Superman. Although, he has been known plenty of times to be in street clothes only because he can't find his Superman outfit or perhaps we're out in public and he didn't wear it - at which point - I have to observe his stance (which is legs a little farther than shoulder width apart and hands in fists on hips) and see he is, in fact, Superman - not Clark even though he's in his civilians. Sometimes it gets even more tricky because he may be Pablo (from Backyardigans) pretending to be Clark - who has then turned into Superman. If I address him by the wrong name - it is very frustrating to him.

This morning - I was thrown for a loop.

"Hi M.J."

Hmmm... M.J. - ahhh - Spiderman's friend! Or is he Peter Parker? By noticing the Spiderman jammies he was sporting, it was pretty evident that he was Spiderman. However, I then inappropriately used the informal name "Spidey" when I addressed him - and that didn't really fly. Apparently "Spidey" is only appropriate in certain situations (like, I was calmly informed, if he is still sleeping and I need to wake him up to go fight bad guys).

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