Thursday, August 28, 2008

My laptop died - but I'm back now.

Geez. I don't know what I do to laptops, but I just lost my third. Really, I think it's because my job keeps giving me old pieces of junk. But, now - I am set up with a snazzy, brand new, HP. Let's cross our fingers that this one holds out a while. It's not my husband's Mac... but I think I like it so far.

On more interesting news - we have good friends coming to visit this weekend. We are really SO excited. It is hard for people with young kids to get away and so we haven't had many visitors since we moved - other than family (which is always great too) - anyway, we can't wait to show our friends a fun time and just get to hang out like the old days. I think there may be some vodka and cranberry juice involved.


And for a little bit of Little Bitty humor:

Mommy: [Little Bitty] did you go po-po?

Little Bitty: NO.

Mommy (knowing that I'm not imagining the stank) : [Little Bitty], in our family we always tell the truth. If Mommy asks you a question - you need to tell me the right answer. If you went po-po and need a clean diaper, you have to tell me 'yes'. So, did you go po-po?

Little Bitty: NO!

Mommy: Well then - who put that big po-po in your pants?

Little Bitty (very seriously and considering the question): Ummm, Daddy.

I know, my parenting skills are admirable. If anyone wants any additional tips or insights on how to so successfully instill these great values in your toddler - just email or comment and I'll get back to you.


Trace said...

Have fun!

Anonymous said...

Oh my wonderful DIL!! You are doing a great job, and don't EVER let anyone tell you any different!! I just can't stop laughing though!!! Give C & D our love this weekend and let the vodka run freely!!

Anonymous said...

HILLARIOUS!! That's right, Little Bitty - always blame it on the boys! Love ya, Zia