Thursday, August 14, 2008

Some short blurbs of our week thus far...

  • First week of school - going pretty well. Brother is characteristically have a hard time saying goodbye in the mornings but is having fun the rest of the day. I either love his new teacher - or she is just so much better than the previous one that I think I love her. Time will tell.
  • Little Bitty is enjoying the new big girl playground that she has moved up to. I found her yesterday sitting in the sand box barely recognizable due to the inch thick layer of sand all over her face. Her teachers reaction was "Oh - that must have JUST happened". Uh huh. I think she's enjoying her new class but has been a little less than her fun-loving self at home this week... it may be the transition. Or it could be two year molars, which I blame everything on and really have no clue if they've come in or not because she'd bite my hand off if I tried to get in there and look.
  • I am having a busy week. I'm on call for work - which last night meant getting paged about 4 times as I tried to sleep. If I were awakened to go save someones life, it would be OK. But, I'm awakened usually to point out to someone that they've paged the wrong person and or that you have to actually turn on your computer to get it to work, etc. Ah well, that's why the pay me the big bucks (she said sarcastically). ;)
  • My awesome husband has been building me a new sewing cabinet which is looking very cool. I can't wait for the finished product (currently the dining room table serves this purpose). However, he vetoed my request for a dangley crystal knob. He doesn't have quite the same vision for the cabinet as I do... but I will let him be the expert on the woodworking projects and I'll stick to the sewing projects. Which, by the way are going well! I'm a busy bee on that front and loving it!
  • Brother and Daddy went to watch an NFL practice yesterday. Fun times.
  • Little Bitty now uses "Dude!" as an exclamation. For example, "Dooo! Wawa deeeeep!", at bath time.


Michelle Smiles said...

Sabrina has started saying "cool dude" at daddy's urging. Cracks me up every time.

So jealous you made it to the county fair. The weather was perfect and we wanted to go but figured 10 days post c-section might be pushing my luck to do that much standing and walking. Maybe next year.

carla said...

your husband IS AWESOME!!

(and which nfl team?)