Monday, October 27, 2008

Costumes and parties

Back from a weekend at Mum's house. It was a great time. Both my sisters and their families were there and we celebrated the upcoming birthday trio birthdays (Brother and one niece on 11/3 and the other niece on 11/5) - and had a costume party - and a potato launching contest. What? You don't do that at your parties?

I'm not sure how Halloween is going to go this year. Little Bitty is not crazy about her costume, even though she picked it out. After much bribing begging she let me put it on her at my mom's, but then quickly declared "all done" and began pulling it off. My only hope is that once we leave the house and she's getting candy shoved at her on Friday - she'll forget that she doesn't like what she's wearing. It is a funny change from Brother - who lived in a costume from about 18 months until 4. Even now - the kid loves a good costume... it's just a little more sporadic than before. Some of you may remember that he went to his preschool open house last fall dressed in full knights armor.

We're gearing up for Brother's birthday party this weekend. And when I say "gearing up" - I really just mean thinking about it but not doing anything to prepare until payday at the end of the week. But, it is just a few friends and how hard can it be to throw together a pirate treasure hunt?!


Heather said...

My two year old isn't loving his costume either. It's his usual thing with clothes, though. He doesn't want to put them on and then he screams when we take them off.

Have fun preparing for the birthday party--any more potato-launching planned?

carla said...

and we are skipping the entire shebang because emma doesnt give a year.

next year Ill have to :)