Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Pumpkin Patch

Anyone with kids in our area makes an annual trip to this pumpkin farm. It really is fun - and we don't even go on the hayride (which by the way is something I love to do).

Whheeee! We've gotta get one of these at home.
Look how happy I am...if I had known the faces my two kids were making, I may have had a different expression.

Oops, sorry honey. Didn't realize you were in there.

I think Little Bitty loves the pumpkin patch as much as we do.

As does Brother.


Maria and Family said...

Hey you :) I tagged ya! Maria

Michelle Smiles said...

I am seriously starting to think we are the only people who didn't go to a pumpkin farm this year around here!

Hope you are feeling better.