Monday, April 13, 2009

Go Red Sox

Brother is playing T-Ball this year and Daddy is coaching. Here is a picture of them on opening day. I am so proud of them both and I know they will have a great season... if it ever stops raining long enough for them to get in a routine.

It also seems that the parents of T-Ball players are a little bit higher maintenance than those of the soccer players that we hung with in the fall, but I'm actually not always right with first impressions and they are probably perfectly lovely people. And coming up with a snack schedule might actually be an extensive time consuming task that needs lots and lots of input from people.
In other news, we had a great Easter weekend with my side of the family and I should be able to post some pictures soon. I don't want to over-shadow the overdue T-Ball post with cuteness from this weekend.

Oh - and our puppy? Perfect. Sweet, playful, well-behaved and has a manly bark. Everything you could want in a dog. And has anyone else noticed that the presidential family's new puppy looks a lot like our Mighty Boy? Mighty boy is cuter and (I'm sure) better behaved. But - they've got a lot of other stuff going for them and I'm sure "Bo" will be fine.

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