Saturday, April 25, 2009

Still here

Yep - we're still here. No, no one seems to notice when I don't post. Except my mother and sister in law. I was sick sick this past week - but have fully recovered. Amoxcicillin (sp?) - it's not just for kids. Who knew.

I have tons of pictures to load, some festivaling to do, a t-ball game to attend - and a very goopy daughter. I think the allergies got the best of her this week. But, even with gooey stuff in her eyes and nose she's precious. Except when she tells me "Mommy - you're not my friend." That's just a little hurtful. However, me not letting her eat jelly beans for breakfast is going to pale in comparison to all the other things I'm not going to let her do throughout her childhood - so - I suppose I better get some thicker skin.

All is still well with our Mighty Boy. We're trying to crate train based on the advise of our vet - I'm not sure how that's really going... but it's only been a couple days. It's in an effort to house train him - the bag of potty prizes I got at the Dollar Store weren't working. That's a joke that only people who know how I potty-trained my kids would get.

More soon when I'm motivated enough to plug in the camera and go through the painful process that is loading pictures to Blogger.


Anonymous said...

Yes, I DO notice and was very concerned about you. Glad you are feeling better. The "thick skin" part; it's only just begun. But, the good parts definitely out weigh the hard to take ones. I'm not really sure how the crate training is supposed to work, so I can't help you there. Cody was already crate trained, which just means to me tha he does not go in his crate. The rest is pure luck. I don't see why the potty prizes wouldn't work! :)LOL Looking forward to pictures and good luck in today's game!! Love you - Grammy

Trace said...

Our dog is crate trained. She doesn't consider it torture. It's where she goes when she's scared of unsure. It's her "safe refuge".

Julie said...

See my last blog for a recent "thick skin" issue of my own...we love your posts but life happens and we can only update as time permits!

Rebecca said...

I love your blog, Melany!

No advice on getting thicker skin, but I am wondering if you've tried using the free program Live Writer to write your blog posts? It is so much easier to use than Blogger, whether for uploading pictures, formatting the post, etc. There aren't a ton of features, but it's so much easier. Just thought I'd mention it after reading your comment about uploading pictures to Blogger. I switched to Live Writer and have never gone back.