Thursday, April 29, 2010

I did it.

I set a goal and actually reached it...I think we all do that in little ways each day (getting Little Bitty to school fully dressed), but I hadn't reached a big-ish goal like this in a while.

So, I ran (yes, RAN) that 1/2 marathon I've been talking about for so long. And - I loved it. I wouldn't have said the "I loved it" part at mile 11 - but at mile 10 I was still feeling that way. And now, almost a week later I'm still feeling that way. So - that's awesome.

My amazingly supportive husband found a spot to cheer me on at mile 3.5 early in the morning while allowing enough time to scramble with both kids to get to Brother's t-ball game on time (he's the coach - so they kinda had to be there). Seeing them on the sidelines made me tear up and run stronger and faster. It wasn't about showing the kids how fast their Mommy can run (not very) but it was the moment of feeling their pride and love and all of us supporting each other - even if it isn't convenient right then (see t-ball game schedule). I just love my little family and I didn't expect this silly little race to make me so emotional and contemplative about it all. I've been truly blessed and I am so thankful.


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AWESOME!!! You ROCK, Guatemama friend!