Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Stress Relief

I don't like to stress over small stuff. I consider small stuff anything other than the health/well-being of my loved ones. However, sometimes the small stuff adds up and it does get to me. This blog is dedicated to getting it out there and letting it go. It will all work out and my energy would be so much better spent living well and making a difference instead of worrying over these things.
  • I'm not ready for the 1/2 marathon on Saturday - but I'm doing it anyway.
  • Did I mention it's supposed to rain?
  • I found a jar of pickles on the back of our toilet. Gross. Did Little Bitty snack while doing her business? How is it that I let these things happen?
  • I hosted book club last weekend and drank too much wine. I felt too sick to go to Brother's t-ball game the next day and I'm wracked with self-loathing over this.
  • The rainy day race is going to make me miss his next game too. Perhaps the game will be rained out? I hope.
  • There is a pair of underwear on our counter. Why? Don't I spend most free time trying to straighten up the house?
  • The dog is shedding for the first time. Clumps of hair everywhere. Gross. And he desperately needs a bath. And I should take him to the park soon.
  • Uncertain job situations going on. Money doesn't equal happiness...but lack of money does equal stress.
  • I've eaten too many nutty bars this week. Running makes me hungry.
  • There are probably at least 4 permission slips/money requests for Brother's school stacked on the table. I can't keep all the field trips and fundraisers straight.
  • There are at least 3 laundry baskets of clothes waiting to be put away.
  • I just read that bananas are full of pesticides but my kids love them. It's not good enough anymore that I try to give them healthy snacks - now I have to only give them local, organic healthy snacks.

There. I feel better.


Anonymous said...

AHH Motherhood! Working mother to boot. We love you!!!!

Leah said...

Love your post. I may have to print it and tape it to a cabinet just to remind me that other moms feel the same way I do sometimes. Hang in there. We need to get the kids together and let them run wild- maybe our backyard sometime soon.