Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Snow Days and more snow days

We've had at least 8 or 9 snow days this year. I'm sure a better mom knows the exact count - but I can't remember at this point. In some ways snow days are easier for us than for a lot of families - because I work from home and don't have to take the day off. However, this also means that I end up with two kids home all day while I'm trying to work. It's not perfect - but it could be worse. And I guess because of my years of school, I still cheer a bit inside when I hear that schools are canceled for the day.

In the meantime, the kids have gotten very good at finding non-TV things to do (even if it does mean a little too much time on the iPad). They've also gotten very good at refusing to get dressed if it's a snow day. I don't know how that assumption came about - but they act like I've lost my mind if it's not a school day and I asked them to get dressed.

Little Bitty loving on her "good boy".
Brother googling some stuff to make sure he doesn't get too far behind in school.

And this is what we have to do to encourage the kids to actually get ready when school is actually in session. Five smileys and you get a treat.
So, everyone hope for those smileys to start adding up. We need a little more schoolin' up in here.

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Anonymous said...

It's out of control! I don't know that there's been a full week with no snow in the month of January.