Friday, May 9, 2008

Expressing my love ;)

I usually ended up writing funny little anecdotes about our day or parenting in general here on the blog (in a maybe slightly sarcastic tone) - just because that's what comes naturally. But today what's coming naturally to me is sharing a few pictures of these guys and just hoping they make someone else smile even half as much as they do me. No matter that we were running late for school and I hadn't signed in to work yet, yada, yada... I had to slow down and take a few pictures today. I know it's because I'm their mother. I know all mothers feel this way (which is actually a survival mechanism I believe -because if we didn't - how would we get through some days?!) - anyway, MY GOODNESS... my son and daughter (and their daddy :)) just make my days. Look how funnily perfect they are.

Always on top of things, Little Bitty brings Brother his lunch box as he finishes
putting on his shoes.
They're about to the car... but I call them back to take more pictures.
Look at them. Don't you want to just eat them up?! Daddy said Little Bitty looked like a Latin disco dancer today. Made me laugh.


TNKerry said...

Definitel a Latin Disco Dancer!! What cuties!!!

carla said...


Anonymous said...

Precious Moments and they should always be captured! Love Bitty's outfit!
Can't wait to see you guys, Zia