Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Whooohooo! FEVER! Yes!

Brother is home from school today because he had fever last night. When we discovered it - he was VERY excited. He actually threw himself into the air and then flipped around on the floor chanting something like, "NO SCHOOL, NO SCHOOL".

He seems fine today but its good for him to have a day home with Mommy to chill. And to play lizards. Right now they are out on a drive in a new taxi. Lightening McQueen is the taxi's friend. Now we're talking about fly swatters. Pronounced "flies water". Whoops - now I'm batgirl. He is Super Bear. Wow. I gotta go.


Anonymous said...

Melany, I love your Blog.

Raising a Vols Fan!! said...

Gabby has been sick as well but it looks like you guys had some good bonding time :) Hope your little guy feels better soon. Are you going to the Middle TN Guatemala picnic on Saturday? I sure would love to meet you, hard to believe we have been talking so long and I've never met you!

Anonymous said...

ooooooo - Guatamal picnic, sounds like wonderful FUN! If you go, please take lots of pictures. Would love to see some of the other Guatamala beauties. Hope Brother is feeling better. Can't fake those fevers but sometimes one wonders what brings them on.
Love to All,

Jen Rohde said...

Mel --toooo funny! :)