Tuesday, May 27, 2008

The Working Mother

8:30 am: Mommy logs into work for a conference call. Unfortunately, not one that she can put on mute and commence with doing her own thing. She must actually participate and appear to be of sound mind.

9:00am: Little Bitty tires of Noggin. Mommy offers paints, paper and paint brushes. Mommy is a bit impressed with her own multi-tasking and ability to provide her daughter with a creative outlet while also working and participating in a clinical design team discussion.

9:01am: Little Bitty tires of painting with age-appropriate paint and gets out squeeze-bottle paints. Proceeds to do her thing unassisted. Mommy is aware but unable to put a stop to this at this time because she is quite sure that screaming will ensue and her director (who is on the conference call) will think that Mommy is really upset about upcoming travel dates they are discussing.

9:06am: Little Bitty gets out play dough, mat and accessories.

9:08am: Brother browses parent's wedding album, counts rubber worms and attempts to construct a spear with stick, rock and a lot of electrical tape. Mommy quietly assists with spear until Brother tells her that the result is "not at all what he had in mind".

9:30am: Little Bitty is very tired of Mommy being on the phone. Mommy has the brilliant idea of pouring oatmeal in a tray for a make-shift "sensory table" (Mommy used to teach pre-school, she is so brilliant... this should entertain Little Bitty for HOURS).

9:31am: Oatmeal is everywhere. Little Bitty is bringing it in handfuls to Mommy and throwing it at her.

9:32am - 11:00am: Mommy ends one call right in time for another. Things get a little fuzzy over the course of this time period. Mommy mutes and unmutes the phone as she discusses project time lines, work travel dates and stinky diapers. She tries to keep the conversations separate.

11:00am - Mommy hangs up the phone and reviews the damage.

11:01am: Mommy declares the morning a success because she did not get fired and there is no paint on the carpet. Well done, Team.


TNKerry said...

Oh Melany!!!! I love it. Having worked from home with two, then three kids for the past 5 years - I totally get it and know exactly how you feel about your "success". Now that I have juggled three and working from home, I want to go back one day to my true love, teaching. Part of what I want to prove is how much better, more efficient, creative, multi-talented, patient, I will be. My jobs before kids were a piece of cake - I just didn't realize it.

carla said...

how did you get in my house?!

Michelle Smiles said...

Wow. I worked from home for a year but it was sans child and I thought my attention got divided! I can't imagine trying to do it now. Steve will work from home on an occasional morning if I have a doctors appointment and I have to laugh at the carnage when I return home. Good thing he's never thought of oatmeal.